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7 Sided Bay Track With Returns Measuring Guide

Use the form below to enter all your details and sizes. We will then use this to make up your new bay window curtain track. You will find it really useful to use a pencil to put a small mark on the wall or ceiling where you want to measure to and from.

This will give you proper reference points to work with. you can always use an eraser to rub out the pencil mark when finished. I also recommend using a good steel tape measure with one person holding each end to keep it taught for accurate measuring. One person can measure first then the other person can measure a second time. Then you can compare sizes.

If the sizes are different then recheck the size again. Always better to measure several sizes just to be sure. I know I do :-)

When it comes to measuring for a wall/window frame fixed curtain track. You really have to use step ladders and measure exactly where the track is to fix. You can't simply get accurate sizes from ground level. The diagonal and across measurements should be from the wall/window frame also. 

However if you track is to be ceiling fixed. Then measuring the leading edges of the window sill is the way to go. The diagonal  and across measurements should be from the leading edges of the window sill also.

If you are still unsure then please feel free to contact me here with any queries you may have before sending your sizes over. You will also have to attach at least one photo of your bay window. One showing the whole bay, then another photo of one side and one of the window sill would be good.