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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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Straight Window Pelmets

Straight window pelmets are a great alternative to using curtain poles. You get the benefit of being able to use some great curtain fabrics and trims. You also get to use  a super smooth curtain track.  

Pelmets like this can also cover a multitude of sins. Sometimes the wall over your window may be looking a little rough. Or you just can't get a good enough centre fixing for a curtain pole. You maybe struggling to get any good fixings. Then using a pelmet will allow you to fix as many brackets as you like across the width of the window. Allowing you to distribute the weight of your curtains more easily. Then you simply cover the brackets with the pelmet fascia. 

Super wide straight window pelmet

This was the widest pelmet I have ever made coming in at 6 metres wide. It was made so it could fold in three for transportation. When fitted the joins were supported behind with support brackets. 

Simple straight pelmet

Another simple but elegant window treatment. I think the  cream fabric gives it that simple understated look. I really don't know why I did not think to move the iron out of the way on this shot :-)

Geometric fabric covered pelmet

Wide window with pelmet and short curtains dress this window nicely. These jazzy abstract geometric designs are not everyone's cup of tea.  However when everything else in a room is very plain. then it can give a room a real lift.

I really liked this leaf patterned fabric used for these curtains and pelmet. I also think the terracotta border on the curtains give it an extra dimension. However I don't think in this instance that adding the terracotta border to the pelmet would have helped. A case of to much of a good thing.

A very tall window with a pelmet

This window treatment needed long ladders to fit. I think it looks great other than one thing. You can see two white brackets peeping below the pelmet when looking up from the hallway. If I was to do it again today I would only fit large brackets behind the curtains. Then use small pelmet brackets in between.

I really did not think they would be seen when I fitted them. Obviously I was wrong :-(

But hey no ones perfect all the time :-)