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Bay window curtain pelmets

We measure, make and install bay window curtain pelmets (within 50 miles radius of Manchester) to fit almost any kind of bay window shape. Take a look at some of the ones we have done just below. Discover lots of ideas to give you inspiration for your own bay window.

We will give you all the  "tips and advice" on how to get one to fit your bay window perfectly. These really  are great alternatives to a bay window curtain pole. Far superior in my opinion. Both in looks and function :-)

Splay bay pelmet and curtains installation

This short video shows you a recent job where I fitted 2 bay window treatments. That is curtains and pelmets. You can see the custom made hardware needed to make this happen.

Jump straight to the costing calculator here, or read on and have a look at other bay window treatments I have installed over the last couple of years. 

Square bay window pelmet with returns

This square bay window is dressed using a silk fabric with contrast borders. It is in an understated colour and gives a "classic" look to the window. 

Also this bay pelmet returns out of the bay on each side. This allows the curtains to hang outside of the bay when open. So clearing more of the window for maximum light.

Being such a large bay window going with a bolder fabric, it could have ended up totally dominating the room. So going with simple straight lines and a subtle colour. Means this large window treatment works well with the rest of the room.

Jump straight to the costing calculator here

Splay bay window pelmet

These 3 sided splay bay window pelmets really finish the look of these kind of Victorian bay windows. Simple clean lines with no trims or borders. 

The benefit of using pelmets other than the "look" is that you can hide away the curtain hardware. This window has a super smooth metal curtain track fitted.  the track is also overlapping in the middle. So no gap when the curtains are closed.

Finally the curtains are tied back to allow more clearance of the glass area for more light.

Shaped splay bay with contrast border

Again simple clean lines but with a little shape to the ends to add a little interest. Also with the padded contrast border it really add to the overall look. 

The curtains have been made in four rather than one large pair. The benefit to this is that the spaces between the windows are covered in fabric. Also the  pelmet doesn't have to return even more past each side of the window to accommodate a wider pair of curtains.

Jump straight to the costing calculator here.

Curved bay window pelmets

Curved bay window curtain pelmets can be tricky to make well. The fabric wants to ripple on the curve. So extra care has to be taken when making. 

This style of bay pelmet is best made in one complete piece. That is the face and top board are fixed together and then covered in fabric.  unlike the straight sided bays. These are made in two parts. The face section and the top board. These are then connected using hook and loop tape.

Plain shaped bay window curtain pelmets 

Another simple but effective design for a bay window curtain pelmets. Also note how we have made cut outs to allow the picture rail to pass through the pelmet returns.

Some times you have to allow for obstructions when measuring and making bay pelmets. As well as picture rails. You need to some times allow for plaster cornice at the top. Occasionally you need to allow for bits of window frame or wall features.

There is always something waiting to catch you out :-)

Bay window pelmet & Curtains calculator

I'm sure like a lot of people that you have always wondered how much it would cost to get a bay window curtain pelmet treatment like these on this page. I also suspect you did not want to have to commit to having an interior designer or curtain retailer call round at your home to measure up and cost you for one. Then have them chase you for a commitment to buy. 

Well the good news is now you don't have to, because by filling in a few details below you can get an exact cost for one to fit your window perfectly. 

All you need to do before you start is to measure all around you bay. Then measure how long you would like your curtains to be. It does not have to be super accurate at the moment. Within a couple of cm's or inch would be more than adequate for now.

Now you are ready to get all the info you need. Such as how much it will cost to measure and install your new bay window treatment. Also how much the curtains, pelmet and track will cost. This  is a great way to discover what it's likely to cost without making any commitment.

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