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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

Get an instant cost now!

    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

Get an instant cost now!

Blackout Curtains

Get a great deal on these made to measure blackout backed curtains. All these fabrics have a special blackout coating on the back. This saves on needing a separate blackout lining fabric to be sewn into the curtains. 

All these fabrics come at nearly 3 metres wide so allowing your curtains to be made with no joins no matter how wide your curtains. This is especially true for bay window curtains and very wide bifold doors. We can do this by running the fabric across the window rather than down the window. 

So having no joins and having the blackout built in means you will make savings on blackout lining fabric and make up charges. Click on any of the images below to take a look at each fabric range  and use the simple calculator to work out the price to make some to fit your windows perfectly. 

Curtain styles

You can choose from velvets, woven, linen look and smooth fabrics. There is something to work with any room theme and colour scheme. You can also choose to have your curtains made with any of the following curtain heading styles such as

  • Eyelet curtains
  • Pinch pleat curtains
  • Wave curtains
  • 3 inch or 6 inch pencil pleat gathered curtains.

Also worth mentioning is that we can supply top quality custom made metal curtain tracks in widths upto 6 metres with no need for centre joints.  So your wide curtains can hang on tracking that does the job properly. Also looking really neat while doing it. 

Curtain fabric collections

Quantum is a subtle multi coloured fabric giving a rich texture to the fabric.

Sensation is a soft velvet that drapes beautifully for the luxury look.

Strata is a chunky woven fabric giving it a warm rich feel.

Discovery has a linen look suble weave that gives it a classic look.

Odyssey is contemporary fabric with a suble sheen and a wide range of bold colours.

Zanzibar is again a contemporary fabric with a smooth matt finish and a wide range of bold and suble colours.

Want a patterned fabric!

So maybe you want curtains with a pattern or design of some kind. Then no problem and we can do this making your curtains with an added blackout lining fabric. Just choose any of the curtain fabrics here. Then to get a price  including blackout lining. Simply select "Blackout" on the curtain lining option on the price calculator.

Also, be aware that most of these fabrics unless stated come at  between 137 to 150cm wide. So for wider curtains you will need have widths of fabric sewn together.

Getting the best blackout results

When it comes to getting the most effective blackout curtains. The curtain hardware is a very big factor. So I recommend you don't  hang your curtains from a pole but use a curtain track instead. You can acheive far better light blocking results using a curtain track.

You can have curtain track made that overlaps in the middle. This will allow one curtain to overlap the other when closed. Rather than just butting together on a one piece track. I'm sure you have seen that pesky gap at the top of your curtains where they meet.

Also, especially for tracks fitted within a bay window. The ends that face into the room can be curved back to the wall. This will close any gaps when the curtains are hung. 

If unsure of the best fit then just ask me usiing the contact form here (don't forget to attach a photo of your window 😊)