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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

Get an instant cost now!

Ceiling Curtain Track 

That Looks Really Neat and Works Perfectly With A 5Yr Guarantee 

If you're reading this then you must be looking to buy a new ceiling curtain track. I'm sure you have been looking around at what's on offer. I'm sure you want something that's strong, neat and works really well. 

The problem I'm sure you have discovered is that there's lots of choice but is it any good. Will it work well and look good when fitted?

Also, how easy is it to fit? 

If you're looking for a ceiling fixed bay window curtain track then take a look here. If you're looking for a wall fixed track then take a look here.  Still interested in a great looking top quality ceiling fixed curtain track, then read on :-)

ceiling curtain track

Well let me tell you right off the bat. That a lot of the stuff being sold out there in my opinion is just not up to the job.

Not only, but very often people are searching for a good quality ceiling fix curtain track. 

Another big reason people want to use a ceiling fix track. Is because there is little, or no space over the top of the window. Simply no, or not enough wall to secure the curtain track brackets. So they have no choice but to fix upwards in to the ceiling.

Another reason is that they are wanting to hang wave style curtains. These just look so much better fitted to the ceiling rather than a wall.

ceiling curtain track

Use the online calculator to get a price on a custom made ceiling curtain track here.

Finally another reason I have come across when you need to ceiling fix. Is when the tops of your curtains hang from under a soffit (like the image here).

Or from under fabric covered padded pelmet. Like the image just below.

ceiling curtain track

So now we have covered the places where you would use one of these ceiling tracks. Lets talk about what I believe to be the best kind of curtain tracks for all these situations.

Take a look just below at the metal curtain tracks we can supply for your windows and discover the benefits of using these over others.

Our Ceiling Fix Curtain Tracks

ceiling curtain track

These tracks are made of a heavy duty aluminium profile. This image here shows the track end on. The gauge of the aluminium used plus the box profile shape.

This makes this track stronger than most other similar looking tracks. Usually made with a thinner gauge of metal. This means it can carry very heavy curtains with ease. Also giving a smooth action and long life.

These tracks will last for at least twenty years often more.

Here is an image of the track from behind. As you can see the top fix brackets have sloping edge. this makes them a lot more discreet than most other styles of curtain tracks.

These brackets are made from nylon rather than plastic. This makes them far harder wearing and stronger. So making them last a lot longer.

ceiling fix curtain bracket

In the image on the right you can see the complete metal ceiling curtain track. Not only are the brackets made from nylon, but so are the gliders that carry the curtain hooks.

I'm sure that if you have used cheap plastic curtain tracks in the past. That over time I am certain that either the plastic brackets or plastic gliders have become brittle and snapped. Using nylon for these items cures this problem.

Also having the channel for the gliders under the track. Largely eliminates dust settling  in there making it more difficult over time to open and close your curtains.

ceiling curtain track

Use the online price calculator here and see how little it will cost to get one made to measure.

This image to the right shows one our ceiling curtain tracks fitted upwards in to the ceiling. Notice how discreet the special ceiling fix brackets look.

The track also fits flush right up to the ceiling. There no gaps between the top of the track and the ceiling.

Unlike other tracks that are supposed to be ceiling fitted. They have an ugly gap between the top of the track and the ceiling. You end up seeing all the brackets peeping over the top of the track. Not a good look I'm sure you agree.

ceiling curtain track

Find Out How Much It Will Cost To Get One Made
For Your Window!

Discover how little it costs to get a quality ceiling curtain track here. We make these to your exact sizes. So no having to cut down and assemble the pieces. Simply open the package and secure the brackets over your window. Then simply click the track in place, job done!

Prices start from just £ 19.95 including delivery.