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Curtain Rails That Simply Work Perfectly

The great thing about these metal curtain Rails is that not only they top quality and very strong. They also come in widths up to 6 Metres (almost 20ft) wide in ONE piece. "Did I mention they also look really neat".

If you have any questions about these tracks. Then please just ask me here :-), maybe even send me a photo of your window.

Overlapping tracks

A great option especially if fitting in a bedroom is the option to have your new track made with an  overlap in the centre. This is good for blackout curtains as they will pass over each other. So blocking the light gap you so often get when curtains simple butt up together.


Most times of the year delivery takes between 5 - 7 days from placing your order. If there is going to be much more of a delay. We will advice you at the time of purchase.