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 "Tips & Advice On Everything To Do With Curtains & Blinds"                  

Buying Curtains Online - Stop!

Buying curtains online and what they DON'T tell you!  Buyer beware springs to mind. This is even more important if you are looking to buy made to measure curtains.

This does not mean any online or offline curtain retailer is trying to cheat or deceive you.

It's more that they just forget to mention. Or just simply don't know. Take a look below at the 5 main areas that I have found over 20 years that create the most problems. All of these can be avoided with a little info and planning. 

curtains online
buy curtains online

So there is no reason you will have problems with any of these :-)

  • Correctly measuring for curtains
  • Choosing the right kind of curtain fabric
  • Choosing the right kind of curtain style
  • Choosing the right kind of curtain hardware
  • Knowing how to fit and hang your new curtains

Correctly Measuring For Curtains

This is not so much a lesson in how to read a tape measure correctly. It's more about stopping and thinking about how your curtains are going to cover the window. Such as how wide and how high.

Your sizes will be decided by several factors such as: Your fabric choice, light or heavy, lined or unlined, interlined or not, regular lining or blackout.

Your curtain style such as: Pencil pleat heading, eyelet curtain heading, buckram pinch pleat heading.

curtains online measuring

Your choice of curtain hardware such as: Using a curtain track or a curtain pole, having a curtain pelmet, straight window or bay window.

This is the No. 1 reason for problems with made to measure curtains especially when buying curtains online. So I can't stress enough that taking time now to look over the measuring guides here is time well spent.

The right Kind Of Curtain Fabric

curtains online fabric

This problem is in a very close second place to measuring. A lot of people choose curtain materials purely on the colour or design.

BIG mistake!

There are few other just as important things to consider before you pick your final one. Things such as: Light curtain fabrics such as silk need more body and weight to make a good curtain. So what do you do?

Heavy fabrics such as velvet curtains, chenille and damask fabrics:  What issues these can create?

Linen curtain fabrics have issues such as: Major creasing and stretching when trying to steam out creases. If you like this fabric what can you do about it?

Curtain linings and when to use them such as: Protecting from fading, blocking out the light, keeping your room warm, making your curtains look luxurious.

Take time to look at this page on curtain materials here before you choose your favourite.

The Right Kind Of Curtain Style

Obviously the curtain style is about the look you want to create. However there are a few other more practical things you definitely need to think about. The most important things are: 

  • Do you want to see the curtain hardware when your curtains are hanging ?
  • Which curtain header style is bulkier when pulled back off the window.
  • Can you hang this style at the right height to look right and still work properly.

The Right Kind Of Curtain Hardware

What do I mean by "curtain hardware" exactly. This is a broad term that covers anything that supports your curtains. Such as curtain tracks/rails, curtain poles, pelmet boards, etc.

You need to decide on your curtain style first. Then choose the most appropriate hardware to hang it from. Also where you want to fix it to the wall over your window. So you need to decide if You are having :

  • Eyelet curtains which is the right kind of pole to use ?
  • Pinch pleat curtains. Then are they to hang from a track or a pole ?
  • A curtain pelmet then how deep should it be ?

You also need to decide if you want to manually (by hand) open and close your curtains. Or do you want to use a cord control to open and close them. So take a look over on the curtain hardware page here for everything you need to know before you start.

How To Fit And Hang Your New Curtains

The biggest problems most people have when fitting and hanging their own new curtains. Is because they are using the wrong kind of curtain hardware. This is even more evident when buying your curtains online.

Then they try to fit this curtain hardware in the wrong place over their window. Then finally they use the wrong tools and wall fixings.

Most curtain fitting and hanging can be successful. Just as long as you follow a few simple steps and use the right equipment. So to discover more on how to get this job right. Just take a look over the how to fit curtains page here.

curtains online how to fit curtains

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