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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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Deep Pleat Curtains

That Fit Just Right & Look Great

Looking for that perfect pair of deep pleat curtains ? Just can't find ready made curtains in....

  • the right size
  • the right colour
  • the right design

Then you're not alone, as most people struggle to get everything what they want with ready made curtains. The only sure fire way of getting everything you want in your new curtains is to have them made. That is to order a pair of made to measure curtains.

deep pleat curtains, what exactly are they?

The deep pleat heading is exactly the same as a regular 3 inch gathered curtain heading. Other than it is either 5 or 6 inches deep. The width of the pleats is also a little chunkier.

This gives a more dramatic look without the added expense of a hand sewn heading. You will find that not all online curtain retailers will offer this heading style. So you may need to shop around a little.

Don't made to measure curtains cost a lot?

Will they cost a lot more than ready made curtains ? The answer is YES and NO!

What I mean is in general they will cost more when you first buy them. Some quality ready mades can also cost a fair old price.You generally pay more for made to measure... but you will also get a lot more for your money as well. such as...

  • 1,000's of fabrics to choose from
  • Choice of various kinds of curtain linings
  • Choice of curtain header styles
  • Exactly the right size to fit your windows

In most cases you will probably find that your new custom made curtains will cost more than regular ready made curtains. However that does not reflect the true cost of buying and owning good quality made to order curtains.

To arrive at the true cost you need to break it down over the life time of your new curtains. Most quality curtains will still look great in 10 years time.

So if you divide the purchase price by a minimum of 10 years. The real cost of owning quality made to measure curtains is really very low. This applies to buying any quality item for your home.

The reason they last so long and look so good is because they are made to a much higher standard. Also they are made with good quality curtain linings. This gives them greater protection from the sun. They also just look and hang better when lined.

Why choose a deep pleat heading?

Why Do Most people choose this kind of curtain style more than any other. The main reasons are....

  • It's one of the lower cost special option curtain styles. This is because it is machine sewn rather then hand sewn. So cutting down on the labour costs as it's quicker to make.
  • It's one of the most flexible curtain heading. The width can be adjusted a little wider or narrower. Allowing it to fit different windows at slightly different widths without needing to be remade. 
  • It's a curtain heading style that most people are familiar with. These along with the regular 3 inch gathered tape heading are by far the most popular choice.

Still not sure about this curtain style?

Take a quick look at this image that shows you the back of the pleating tape. It really is very simple to get them hanging really well in no time at all.

How to hang deep pleat curtains

You simply pull the cords out of the end of the deep curtain tape. Then I usually tie the cord ends together. Then hook them over a door or window handle. Or even better I loop the cords over a stair newel post. This is the better option when gathering the deep pleating tape on large heavy curtains.

This allows me to then use both hands to push the curtain header along the cords. Thus creating really neat deep pleats.

Deep pencil pleat curtains calculator

How we calcuate

We allow for a minimum of double fabric width in the curtains. We always round up to the next full width of fabric.

We allow 15cm (6 inches) for bottom hems and top turn over under the header tape.