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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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Dormer Window Pelmets

Unusual pelmets for unusual windows!

Some times I am asked to make and fit dormer window pelmets to dress awkward windows like these below. Often they present challenges that you don't find with more regular types of windows.

So I do my best to keep the solution as simple as possible. all these dormer window pelmets were created by using a paper template to get the shape right. This is thee  most important step in the whole process. So no rushing with this bit of the job :-)

Using pelmets in these kind of spaces allows you to be creative with an empty section of wall over your window. I think you will agree with me that they dress windows like this really well.

This dormer window above is dressed with a small pair of working curtains. If you look at the image below you will see the window with nothing on (not very attractive). I think you will agree with me again that it has transformed the window.

Huge dormer window pelmets

The window treatment image the biggest dormer window style shaped pelmet I have ever made and fitted. Again it was created initially from a paper template. There is no other way I have found that gives you an almost perfect shape to work with.

As with most window pelmets of this kind. They are supported using velcro tape fixed to wooden battens. These are in this case screwed up to the ceiling and the sloping sides. There is also velcro running across the front of the timber that supports the curtain track. This provides grip to hold this giant pelmet in place.

Another issue with this window treatment was the sheer size and also the height. I did this all working of a small extendable ladder. 

The only place to fit brackets to support this structure was on the walls on either side. There are 3 large brackets on each side hidden by the curtains. I built a box section timber frame to support the curtains. This way it stopped the curtain track from sagging under the weight of these large curtains. They were over 3 metres in length.

These are the kind of jobs you can't ask someone else to do. With health and safety and risk assessments. It was a case of, if you fall off the ladder. Then make sure you land on the bed ;-)