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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

Get an instant cost now!

Eyelet Curtains That Fit Just Right

& Look Great

You will find eyelet curtains being sold everywhere these days. They are super popular and for good reason. They are a really modern and contemporary curtain style.

They are also really easy to hang and get looking good, even for a complete novice. However the problem you will find is getting a pair of eyelet curtains in...

  • the right size
  • the right colour
  • the right Design

You're not alone, as most people struggle to get exactly what they want with ready made curtains. However having said that you are more likely to get ready made eyelet curtains to fit your windows if you live in a new build house or apartment.

The reason being that window sizes in new builds tend to be generally smaller than older properties. Having said that even in new builds the length tends to be more of a problem than finding the right width. 

It's usually when you want floor length curtains that are just the right length. They either tend to be either just a little too long or short. The only way of getting around this with out altering the curtains. Is to fit your curtain pole or track a little higher or  lower than looks good.

eyelet curtains, what exactly are they?

Eyelet curtains are curtains with holes cut into the top of the curtain. Usually set down about an inch from the top.There are always an even number of eyelets on each curtain.

The curtain pole then threads in and out of these holes. The outside edges of the curtains should always fold back towards the window. 

The only sure fire way of getting everything you want in your new curtains is to have them made. That is to order a pair of made to measure curtains.

Will they cost a lot more than ready made curtains ? The answer is YES and NO!

What I mean is in general they will cost more when you first buy them. However some quality ready mades can cost a fair old price. You generally pay more for made to measure... but you will also get a lot more for your money as well. such as...

  • 1,000's of fabrics to choose from
  • Choice of various kinds of curtain linings
  • Choice of eyelet ring colours and finishes
  • Exactly the right size to fit your windows

Don't made to measure curtains cost a lot?

The answer again is YES and NO ! In most cases you will probably find that your new custom made curtains will cost more than regular ready made curtains. However that does not reflect the true cost of buying and owning good quality made to order curtains.

eyelet curtains that fit perfectly

To arrive at the true cost you need to break it down over the life time of your new curtains. Most quality curtains will still look great in 10 years time. So if you divide the purchase price by a minimum of 10 years. The real cost of owning quality made to measure curtains is really very low. This applies to buying any quality item for your home.

The reason they last so long and look so good is because they are made to a much higher standard. Also they are made with good quality curtain linings. This gives them greater protection from the sun. They also just look and hang better when lined.

Why choose an eyelet heading?

Why do a lot of people choose this kind of curtain style rather than any other. The main reasons are....

  • It's the most modern curtain style
  • It's the easiest curtain style to hang
  • It's the curtain style that can hang in very tight spaces. As they stack back really neatly.