How do wave curtain tracks work?

Hi. Welcome to Ezecurtains.

Wave curtains, it's about the gliders on the track that create the wave form on them and you can see an image here how there's a little cord in between the gliders. So as you pull one along, it then pulls the one behind it and they're all spaced evenly across the track. So as we pull it across here now, it creates that lovely undulating effect across your curtains all the way from top to bottom.

And that's all created with the gliders, not necessarily the curtains, albeit we have wave tape on these curtains but it's not the tape that creates the wave effect. It's the gliders in the track.

Now it's all about the spacing on the hooks on your curtains as well. So I'm just going undo a few hooks here and show you on the back how this works.

Your wave gliders are going to be set in from the leading edges and outside edges of your curtains about six, seven, pockets, then the rest of the hooks are going to be evenly spaced across. That means that all your waves are going to look even across the curtains backwards and forwards, which gives you that really pleasing effect.