How to fit our wall fixed corded curtain track

Hi, I'm Lee Stevens from and I want to show you how easy it is to fit straight corded track over the top of your window fixed to the wall.

Now, we've got the brackets pre-fitted over the window, and they are fitted approximately every 40 cm's between each bracket, and the brackets on each end of the track are set in about five centimeters from each end. Now, these brackets have got a fixing hole over the top and underneath.

We supply all the plugs and screws for fixing these brackets. The only thing you'll need is a 6 mm masonry drill bit to create the right size holes. Now, these brackets have little covers, and these covers fit over the top and hide the screw fixings afterwards and it looks really neat.

To get these brackets over the top, they need to be put on an angle about 45 degrees. Twist them over, straighten them up, and then push them back and it creates a really neat lock.

Now, the next step is getting the track and clipping it into the brackets. Now, this is very simple. All we're going to do is push the track backwards onto the plastic fittings here and clip it into the front. So we'll present it in, making sure that we're approximately even overhang at each end. So we're going to push it back. I'm going to click them in, and you can hear that nice click as they each go into these brackets. And it's secured in.

The only thing now to make sure it stays in place and doesn't fall out the brackets, there's a little screw underneath each bracket. That just needs to be tightened and it will grip it permanently into the brackets.

The only thing we have to do now is secure the cord on the end of the track. Now to meet child safety laws, the cord loop has to be 150 cm's off the floor. So this is a bit lower than that, but yours to meet the regulations will be a little bit higher than this.

Now we have a cord tensioner that we're going to put onto this track, and we're going to secure it to the wall underneath now. So we'll go and have a quick look at that. Okay, so we have the cord tensioner here, and it has a little break in the front that allows us to get the cord onto the poly wheel at the top, and it's also spring loaded.

So if we move in, I'll show you how we're gonna get this fit in. Right, so we take the cord loop, present it to the front of the pulley wheel, then pull it through, and it clips in the gap here. Now all we need to do is present this to the wall and there's a screw fixing hole at the top and the bottom of the bracket.

I'm just goning to put a little tension on and we're just going to pencil mark the holes and then drill them. So we'll just have a look at that in a second. Okay, so we need to remove the cord from a tensioner again. So pop that out. There we go.

And now we can get where I've pencil marked here, fix this tensioner to the wall. (drill whirring) Now we've got timber behind here and it's going through the plasterboard into the timber so we don't need to drill and plug, but you probably will need to drill six mil holes again with the masonry drill bit and then plug and then screw this into place. (drill whirring)

Now we need to just pull the cord down and pop it back in. There we go. And now we have a working track, and if you find that the tension on the cord is slightly too much or it's a little bit too slack, then have a look at the link below to another video that shows you how to adjust the tension on the cord. So that's it.

So there's the wall fixed corded curtain track fitted over your window with the tension I've fitted in place, and I hope you found that useful, and thank you very much for watching.

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