How to fit the regular curtain track centre joiner

Hi. If you order one of our regular curtain tracks and it's wide enough that it needs to have a joining spice in the middle then this is what will happen. You've got your two tracks and in one side of the track, the joining splice are already be fitted and you'll need to loosen probably one turn anti clockwise, the screw on the inside, which will allow you to slide the joining splice out halfway, then tighten the screw up.

Then you'll be able to present the second track onto the other side of this splice, I would recommend tilting it downwards because there's a little washer on here, and that washer sometimes can interfere with you.

Getting the second track in place, then tighten up the screw on this side one, two turns clockwise to lock it in position.

And that will mean that your two halves are locked solidly together ready for fitting the track.

You can find out more about the custom made regualar bay window curtain track here.