Measure for a bay track for sill length curtains

Measure for a bay track for sill length curtains

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People ask me how you measure up for a bay window curtain track for short curtains in a bay window that's going to come and sit down to sill level either touching or just off the sill. So let's have a look at how we're going to do that.

Almost always you could be measuring from the walls over the top of your window. So regardless of whether it's fitted to the ceiling or whether it's going to be fitted to the wall or underneath coving, for instance, and it's going to be wall brackets. You're going to be measuring the wall over the window on each side. This is a three sided bay.

So you measure the three sides. If it's a five sided bay, you've been measuring the five walls within the bay. And you're also going to be measuring across the mouth of the bay from the corner of the wall here to the corner of the wall across this side and you're also going to be measuring diagonals. Now on the splay bay, we've got two diagonal measurements within the bay from the external corner here.

External, should I say, to the internal corner on this side wall here and opposite again across this way. If it's five sided, you've got a couple more diagonal measurements to take. And all from the external corners to the internal corners on the wall. So you're measuring the wall.

We draw out the bay. We then determine where the track's going to fit within the bay. Now, if you've got wall fixed brackets, the projection of the wall brackets is going determine the position of the track. Now, if you're having ceiling fixed, we'll set the track out away from the wall so your curtains hang freely, but close to the windows and down to the sill.

So you're going to take those sizes and when you've placed your order, you're going to have a link that takes you to the final measuring page. And there's going to be boxes and the template for you to follow and there'll be box A to B, B to C, C to D, and The template examples below this video show you how you're going to take the measurements and you're then going to present those into the boxes on the final measuring form. Have any problems, just get in touch and we'll help you through.