How to measure a splay bay with returns for a ceiling fix curtain track

Hi. I'm Lee Stevens from

So you're looking to place an order for a ceiling fix Splay Bay curtain track. Let me show you quickly where to take your measurements from so you can place your order.

Simply measure all the sides of the bay, including the returns on each side out of the bay, add them together, then enter this figure into the track with box on the order form. Once you place your order, you're gonna be redirected to the order confirmation page, and There's going to be a button on this page, press that. It takes you through to the final measuring page, and this is where you give us all the sizes You're going to see letters appear now, A, B, C, D, E, and F around the bay window. You're going to measure in between these points and enter each individual size into its own box on the final measuring form.

Once we've got those sizes in around the bay, we're gonna measure across the bay from B to E. That's across the mouth of the bay, and then we're gonna do the diagonals, which is Bb to D and E to C, and this gives us the angles of your bay window.

Don't worry if this sounds complicated. It's all nice and simple. Step by step, you've got a template to follow on the final measuring page.

And you can refer back to this video and if you need any further help, then please just get in touch and we'll help you along.

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