How to measure for a splay bay track with returns

How to measure for a splay bay track with returns

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So you're looking to place an order for a splay bay with returns, curtain track, ceiling fixed in the bay, wall fixed on the returns let's have a look at the size you need to place your order.

You'll see a red dotted line appear on the screen. Starting on the left, following round the bay into the bay and out onto the return on the right hand side.

This is where you need to measure the total length and enter this figure into the total track width on the order form. Once you place your order, you're going to be redirected to the order confirmation page. And there's going to be a button on this page. Press that it takes you through to the final measuring page, and this is where you give us all the sizes that we need. The red letters you can see appearing on the screen now are "A" through to "F" and they're all your measuring points for your bay shape.

Next, you'll see some blue dotted lines and you need to measure these individually as they've got their own box to be entered into on the final measuring form. There are a few of the little questions that you need to answer and then you can press submit and send the form over to us and we'll get on with your order. If you have any questions, then just please let us know.

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