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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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Why Choose Roman Blinds ?

Super simple and yet so stylish!

So why would you choose to buy roman blinds rather than curtains for your window?

A question I often get asked is "which one will work best for my window". The answer I often give is that it really is down to personal choice.

The question you should really be asking yourself is, what kind of look are you trying to create for your room.  Curtains, especially long curtains will add a feeling of warmth and luxury to a room. However a roman blind will make a room look less cluttered and give the window a neat simple look.

Sometimes there are practical reasons to choose a roman blind over a pair of regular curtains. Such as having furniture under a window causing an obstruction. Or even a large chunky radiator that would cause curtains to hang badly.

Another common reason for choosing a roman over curtains is having a widow to dress in a small room. Hanging curtains in small rooms can make it feel even more cramped.

Then finally there is the option some people take and that is to have BOTH  roman blinds and curtains. Very often the curtains are used just  to dress the window. The roman is there for the day to day practicalities of privacy (keeping the sun off the TV while watching football :-)  the important stuff, and temperature control. 

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roman blinds

This window here has a large cupboard just to the left. So making it difficult to hang a pair of curtains. This makes using a roman blind  a great option of using a a great fabric but still being very practical.

roman blinds regular pleats

This roman blinds is made with an embroidered silk and as you can see the fabric  does not lie perfectly flat (no fabric really does). With many embroidered fabrics you will get the little wrinkles. in my opinion it adds character :-) to the blind.

One of the great things about hanging romans rather curtains is that they use a lot less fabric..hooray :-)

One of the downsides of romans over curtains is that they cost more to make..Boo :-(

So often they are not a cheaper window treatment option. Rather they are just an alternative  way to dress a window.

Measuring for roman blinds & getting it right

That's the hard part :-)

Fitting inside the window recess

roman blinds in recess

This roman above is fitted inside the window recess. When measuring inside the recess for a blind like this. I take 3 width measurements.

Top, middle and bottom, then use the narrowest size.

Then finally deduct an absolute minimum of 0.5cm from the narrowest width size to allow for a slight tolerance gap on each side. This width measurement is for blinds that sit right back in to the window recess. This allows the blind to fold up and down without rubbing against the sides of the window recess. Most window recesses are not truly square. Why not get a costing for a new roman  here.

If your window recess is really not square by a long way. Then I recommend you deduct more than 0.5cm. Probably at least 1cm if not more.

You can easily tell if your window is not square by measuring diagonally corner to corner. If the sizes are not the same within a fraction. Then your window is not square. The greater the difference in sizes. The more you need to deduct from the blind width.

If your blind is to hang right at the front of the recess. Maybe because it is a shallow recess and the blind can't move further back. Then I use the full measured width as the width of the finished blind. This will give you a better fitting blind in this situation.

The reason I go with the full width of the recess is because when the blind folds up. the pleats sit forward mostly outside the recess in to the room. So not catching on the sides of the recess.

Then for the length (drop ) size. I take 3 measurements (left, right & centre) and use the longest size without making any deductions.

This means all of the bottom of the blind will touch the window sill. If you use the shortest drop measurement. You will end up with one part of the blind touching the sill and the other not. I think this looks worse than having the blind draping a little in places.

Fitting outside the window recess

roman blinds outside recess

This roman here is fitted outside the window recess. When measuring outside the recess for a blind like this. I measure the recess width. Then add 10cm (4 inches) to give a total width. This means the blind will pass each side of the recess by 5cm (2 inches).  This reduces the chance you can see in the window from outside.

Another thing to consider when measuring the width is the window sill. If the window sill width is a little wider. Then I make the blind width the width of the window sill. nothing worse than seeing the edges of the sill sticking out each side when the blind is down.

Then for the length I usually start my measurement from 10cm (4 inches) over the top of the window recess. Then measure down to usually 5cm (2 inches) past the window sill. Sometimes on very long blinds. I will start my measurement from 15cm (6 inches) over the window. This allows longer blinds to stack up higher. So not blocking the view and light.

The reason I recommend you measure a few cm's past the window sill. Is that very often window sills are not perfectly level. Or they can be bowed. Up in the centre and lower on the sides. So measuring down so the blind rest on the window sill. may show how uneven the sill is. Or measuring just past the window sill may leave you with the edges of the window sill peeping out from under the blind.

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Child safe tracking systems

There have has been a lot of reports in the media recently regarding accidents where children (mostly toddlers). Where they have become entangled with blind control cords and chains. Leading to some children dying of strangulation.

Although it has to be said that thankfully tragic cases such as these are very rare. However due to recent legislation and a movement within the blind industry. There have been significant changes and inprovements to the way blinds are now designed and manufactured to significantly reduce the possibility of these tragic events in the future. You can read more about this at http://www.makeitsafe.org.uk/

Our roman blind lifting systems are child safety compliant. This means the winder chains and the lift cords have child safety features installed before delivery. The lift cords to the back of the roman blind are fitted with a spring pressure toggle. These safety toggles allow the lift cord to pull free under 7kg of pressure again. This leaves a free hanging cord and not a dangerous loop again.

roman blinds bracket

Also very important the safety toggles that hold the lift cords can be securely attached to the blind using the clear mini cable ties supplied. So they can not fall free and become a  choking hazard for a small child.

This image here shows the brackets used to support the roman blind cassette. To lock in place simply swing the lever from right to left.

Roman blind making calculator