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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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Shaped Window Pelmets

Shaped window pelmets like these below can add a little more interest to your top treatment. As a very general rule of thumb they tend to work best in a more traditional room theme. Rather than an ultra modern room scheme. Straight window pelmets work better for a more modern look.

In the image above the gentle curved edge to this pelmet adds just a little something extra. Along with the darker contrast fabric. It gives a stylish but subtle look to this bedroom window. There was a lot of dark wood furniture in this bedroom. So having the darker fabric on this shaped window pelmet worked well.

Shaped bay window pelmets

The shaped bay window pelmet above really dresses this window well. in my opinion it's the combination of the simple pelmet shape and the use of the dusky pink silk curtain fabric. It really keeps the room looking light and airy.

There were other dark pieces of furniture in this room that offered some contrast. This stopped the colour scheme looking too pale and washed out.

Shaped corner  window pelmets

In the image above I was not completely sure how to dress these two windows next to each other. One window being full height, the other window being shorter. We decided to dress them both the same on this occasion. Sometimes I just put a roman blind on the smaller side window.

I think this double shaped pelmet with full length curtains works really well. Albeit I think The single curtain works better on the smaller side window. I think  a pair would have been too much.

Contrast window pelmets

With this  shaped pelmet above it works really well for being covered in the striped fabric. Again in my opinion it just add that little more interest than using the same fabric for both curtains and pelmet. The pattern repeat on the curtain fabric was very large. It would have been difficult to decide which part of the pattern to use on the pelmet.  So the striped  fabric works well.

Striped fabrics works really well on straight pelmets. There is only thing to keep an eye on when using striped fabrics. That is to make sure the stripes look vertical.  This fabric was very stretchy and not easy to work with. Using it on a pelmet with a shaped edge was challenging :-)

Another elegant shaped window pelmet

On the pelmet above, the use of a simple sweeping shaped edge give this window treatment a really elegant finish. Something to look out for when measuring for pelmets like this. is picture rails. I have completely missed them when measuring. It only becomes apparent  when I go back to fit them :-)

Something else thing to watch out for when measuring for a window pelmet. That is if it is to fit right up to the ceiling or very close. Is decorative plaster work on the ceiling. It sometimes sits where you want the pelmet to sit.  Another been there got the T shirt.