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Are you a skilled DIY enthusiast looking for a lucrative business opportunity? Or perhaps you're a tradesperson searching for an additional income stream with minimal investment?

If so, you've come to the right place! At Ezecurtains, we are excited to offer you a rewarding chance to partner with us as a trade partner specializing in made-to-measure curtain tracks for bay windows.

Your Gateway to Success: Made-to-Measure Curtain Tracks

Ezecurtains is a leading supplier of high-quality curtain tracks, all crafted from durable aluminum, and expertly customized to fit any bay window shape. With our innovative solutions, we have made it easier than ever for customers across the UK to enhance their living spaces with perfectly fitting curtains.

Who Are We Looking For?

We welcome trade partners who possess excellent DIY skills and a passion for delivering exceptional service. Our opportunity is tailor-made for those who have hands-on experience with basic tools, enabling them to successfully install our curtain tracks in customers' homes.

An Ideal Add-On Business for Tradespeople

For tradespeople such as handymen, joiners, decorators, and other skilled professionals, teaming up with Ezecurtains can open doors to new and exciting business prospects. This partnership offers the potential for both part-time and full-time engagement, depending on your preferences and schedule.

Low-Cost Entry, High-Value Returns

Joining us as a trade partner is a hassle-free experience, with minimal financial commitment required. All you need to get started is a vehicle (car or van), a cordless drill and driver, and three step ladders.

Our comprehensive collection of installation videos will guide you through the process, ensuring you have all the resources needed to deliver top-notch service.


How You Earn with Us

As our esteemed trade partner, you have two avenues to maximize your income:

  1. Installation Service: When one of our customers orders a bay track through our website and requires measuring and fitting assistance, we pass on this opportunity to you. You can directly charge the customer for your services, providing them with a hassle-free and professional installation experience.
  2. Sales Agent Commission: Act as a sales agent by directing potential customers to our website for ordering. Once the customer completes the purchase, you earn a commission on the sale as well as your measuring and fitting fee. Our user-friendly website simplifies the ordering process, so minimal input is required from you.

Expand Your Reach with Our Display Board

For those trade partners who desire to take their business to the next level, we offer the option of purchasing a track sample display board. This tool can be used to showcase our exceptional bay tracks to potential customers, generating more interest and increasing your earning potential.

Seize the Opportunity Today!

Don't miss out on this exceptional chance to join forces with Ezecurtains and unlock a world of potential income and growth. Whether you're seeking a profitable part-time venture or aiming for a full-time business, our made-to-measure curtain tracks offer limitless possibilities.

To get started as a trade partner or to learn more about this exciting opportunity, simply complete the enquiry form below. We will be delighted to connect with you and explore the incredible possibilities that await.

Remember, at Ezecurtains, we believe in empowering our trade partners to thrive and succeed. Together, let's create a world of beautifully dressed bay windows across the UK, one satisfied customer at a time!

By completing the questions below you're not making any commitment. Other than to have a chat with us about whether this oppotunity will work for us both. If we both agree it is something we want to pursue. You won't be asked to sign any contract.

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