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Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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    Makers of top quality custom made bay window curtain tracks

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Wave Style Curtains

 Wave style curtains could very well be the answer. If you're looking for something very simple and modern looking, but so easy to create.

Take a look at the many images here to get a really good idea of what this kind of ccurtain style looks like. Personally I'm a really big fan of this kind of window treatment.  The simple way the curtains hang in perfect waves when drawn across the window. Also how they can stack back off the window in to very small spaces.

Wave style curtains for simple stylish look

These are very simple curtains to make in comparison to other curtain styles. Such as made to measure  eyelet curtains, or pinch pleat headed curtains. So this keeps the making costs to a more reasonable level.

All the wave style curtains here are made using sheer fabrics. These in my opnion work the best for giving you a large element of privacy. While also being able to stack back off the window in to a small area. Very important when fitting inside a window recess.

This kind of curtain style is very little to do with the way the curtain is made. It really is mostly to do with how the curtain hardware is made. Just to be clear this kind of wave curtain style won't  work on any old curtain track or pole. So when getting a cost you need to factor in the cost of the right kind of wave style curtain tracks. Again these don't have to be very costly items either. 

A great curtain style if keeping to a budget

Like with all made to measure curtains. The often largest part of the bill is the cost of your fabric. So if you have a tight budget. Then this is really the only area where you can save money. 

Well having said that, it's not strictly true!

You can save even more money if you are willing to fit and hang these curtains yourself. 

Where have you gone....come back it really is one of the easiest styles of curtain for the DIY'er to fit and hang themselves. 

What we do for you!

If you decide to buy your wave style curtains and hardware from us. Then you will be more than half way to completing this project successfully.

Why's that I here you ask :-)

Well your new wave style curtains will arrive with the curtain hooks already fitted. The wave style track will also arrive made to the exact size with the right number of gliders to match your curtain hooks. 

Wave style curtain tracks makes the difference

So what makes the wave style curtain hardware special?

Well it's all down to the curtain track gliders. They are all interconnected to each other using a very thin cord. You can see exactly how this looks in the image just below. (sorry about the fuzzy image)

This cord means all the gliders move along the  curtain track. Each glider pulling the next one behind. Until all the gliders end up evenly spaced across the whole track. It's this even spacing og the gliders that created that beautiful wave effect on your curtains.

Where to fit these curtain tracks for best effect

This wave style curtain track has no brackets to support it. It's secured using small slim screws through factory made holes inside the groove where the gliders sit. The depth of this kind of track is less than 12mm deep. Both these things means it looks really neat and discreet.

This track above is fitted inside the window recess. It's also fitted halfway between the window frame and the front of the window recess. This means the waves can hang in front and behind the track.

Want to make a statement?

If this wave style curtain track is  fitted outside the window recess. Then it needs to be ceiling fixed in front of the window. I recommend the track in this situation is fitted 10cm away from the wall. Again to allow the waves to fold backwards as well as forward of the track. 

Inthe image below you can see a really smart version of the wave style track.  This one is made to look like a curtain pole. The principal is exactly the same. 

This pole looking wave style track is shown wall fixed with smart pillar brackets. These extend the track 12cm out from the wall to allow the curtain waves to hang freely. This track can also be top fixed (ceiling fixed) as in the image  below.

Sorry not the clearest image above but trust me it is the smart CRS wave style track in a bronze colour. I have added on more image below to this page showing this style of track wall fixed. This one has the curtain stacked back off the window. It shows how even when only using a single curtain. You can still clear most of the window.

most of the above images are taken in kitchen or dining areas. however these can easily work just as well in bedrooms or living rooms. A great idea when fitting sheer wave curtains like these above. Is to fit a simple plain blackout roller blind behind.

You then have the best of both worlds. Privacy when you want it, and clearing the window completely to see the view. Or closing both the wave curtains and rolling down the blackout blind to block out the sunlight and have complete privacy.