How to add or remove curtain track gliders from our regular curtain track

Discover how to add or remove gliders from our curtain tracks at It is a really simple process and should only take a minute or two. You should be able to do this using your fingers. However, if the silver eyelet/end stop and end cap are stiff. Then loosen using a pair of pliers.

The question you might be asking is why would you want to?

Well watch the video just below first. Then I will chat about the reason you may want to below the video.

How many gliders do we put on our tracks?

When we make up new custom made curtain tracks for our customers. We don't usually know what kind of curtains they plan on hanging. Unless they have ordered curtains at the same time. so we have to include what we consider to be enough gliders. That is we include enough gliders for a curtain with a regular pencil pleat gathered heading. 

We take the track width and work out how wide the curtains would be if we made them to fit this track width. We work on double the track width. So roughly each curtain would be the width of the track before the heading tape is gathered ready for hanging. This number is then divided by the number of widths of fabric used to make the curtains. We work on a fabric width of 140cm.

So to give you an example if we have a track width of 200cm. We would double this to arrive at 400cm. Then divide this number by 140cm (the fabric width). Which would give us a number of 2.8 We then round this upto the nearest whole number.

This equates to curtains being made with 3 widths of fabric (1 1/2 widths in each curtain). We then allow for 10 hooks in each width of fabric used. So in this example the 200cm width track would have a total of 30 gliders. 

So why more or less gliders?

Because you end up either hanging pencil pleat gathered curtains that are narrower or wider than the double width we allow for.

So if your curtains are narrower and you have less gather than we allow for. You will then have too many gliders on your track. Or if you are hanging curtains that have more than double the track width. Then you guessed it you will need to add more gliders as you won't have enough.

The good news you can order more if you think you will need them when ordering a new track from us. We pack the extra gliders separately so you can add as many or as few as you need.

There is anther reason you will need to adjust the number of curtain track gliders. That is if you choose another heading style for your curtains. If you choose a double pinch pleat or a 6 inch deep pleat heading. Both these heading styles require a few less gliders on your track.

So exactly how many gliders will you need?

Well to be truthful is more of an art than a science when calculating the number of gliders needed. So if any of the things I have discussed above ring a bell with you. Then maybe it would be a good idea to order some extra gliders just in case. They don't cost very much and it will save delaying your curtain hanging. 

A really good tip for people who are ordering a new track to hang existing curtains. Make sure you hook your curtains up and then count them. This will allow to know before ordering your new track/s. whether to order extra gliders or not.

Or if you are ordering curtain hooks when ordering your track/s from us. Then allow for a curtain hook every 4th pocket on your curtain tape. You then know how many gliders and hooks you need to order.

Finally, if you are ordering new curtains from us as well as a new curtain track. Then you have nothing to worry about as we will supply the right number of gliders and hooks :-)

While you are here why don't you get an instant price for a new custom made bay window curtain track using the easy calculator.  No more struggling with that old track of yours.