Let Ezecurtains help you get bay window curtain tracks
(& straight tracks) that look great and work beautifully!

Let Ezecurtains help you get bay window curtain tracks
(& straight tracks) that look great and work beautifully!

We don't sell the kind of bay window curtain tracks you see everywhere else on the internet. None of the usual plastic or soft metal bend it yourself type of bay tracks.

I'm sure you know the kind of tracks that are sold as bay window track solutions. However, after getting them home and unpacking them. They quickly become the stuff of nightmares. You have to do your own bending.

They are sometimes a cheaper way of hanging curtains in your bay window. That is their best and only selling point!
However, I think you will be surprised how competitive our prices are. Even allowing for the much higher quality product we supply.

Even if you get them fitted in a fashion. Often its not a perfect fit with your curtains not hanging as you would really like. Also, you won't get any guarantee, unlike with us. Once you have unpacked these, cut down and bent these tracks. Regardless of how poor quality and how badly they fit. 

You are stuck with them and good luck trying to get a refund 😒

If you want your new bay window curtain track to look great, fit perfectly, and work smoothly. Then that's where we can help you!

Made to your exact size and bay shape ready to be fitted straight out of the box 😊

What's different about the bay window curtain tracks at Ezecurtains?

You can hang any of these curtain styles on the above  curtain tracks.

Curtains you can't hang on the above curtain tracks

eyelet top curtainsEyelet top curtains
tab top curtainsTab top curtains
Slot top curtainsSlot top curtains

What so special about our bay track window curtain tracks?

regular track profile end view

Firstly, all our tracks are metal. They are made from a heavy gauge Aluminium. Each bay track page shows an image of the end of the track profile. This shows you how thick the metal is. However, it's not just the thickness of the metal. It's also the density that makes them so strong.

This means you CAN'T bend these tracks at home. They are all custom bent into your exact bay shape using our purpose built bending machines in our workshop. This ensures perfectly smooth bends every time.

We have fillers that fill out the glider and bracket channels. This stops them collapsing or deforming during bending. So they keep their perfect shape. Which means the curtain track gliders will glide smoothly even on 90 degree bends in and out of your bay. The brackets will also fit well.

Multiple bracket options for fitting in almost every bay shape and style. We supply a bracket on average every 30cm on bay tracks. On straight tracks we supply a bracket every 40cm on average.

This is more brackets on each bay track than any other supplier. This means the weight of your curtains will more evenly distributed. Making for a more secure and long lasting bay track.

We also supply plenty of curtain track gliders on all our tracks. This means for most situations you will have enough to hang your curtains. However, if you want to order extra brackets for peace of mind. then you can with every track we sell. The same goes for extra curtain track gliders.

Want to hang wave style curtains in your bay?

makati ochre wave curtainsWave curtains to hang from any of the wave track options below

Then check out our solutions for hanging wave curtains in your bay window. Use the simple calculator on each page below. within 5 minutes you will have a price to fit your bay window. All you need to get started is the total width (within a few cm's) around your bay. Plus the returns out of the bay if chosen.

You might be thinking they look the same as the bay tracks above. You would be right but they have wave gliders rather than standard gliders. They also also fit in your bay differently to allow for the wave curtains to hang properly.

The simple calculators on these bay wave track pages will only show you options that work for wave tracks in bay windows. So you won't be able to order anything that doesn't work properly and fit perfectly.

Get an instant price for one to fit your bay by clicking any image below

How easy are your your bay tracks to fit?

I have spent the last 30 years fitting bay window curtain tracks. So have made all the mistakes and had all the struggles doing this. That's means you won't have to. Simply follow the simple step by step bay track fitting videos. We have a video for every track we have on this website.

You can read an email exchange between me and a customer called Paul here. Read what he had to say about fitting one of our bay window curtain tracks

I will show you how simple it is to fit these tracks. On average it should take less than an hour to fit one to your bay window. Even if you have never done this before. Watch the videos below.

regular bay track fitting video
slimline bay track fitting video
fitting a corded bay window curtain track video

Do you want straight curtain tracks?

Then that's no problem as you have the option to add them to any bay track order at the same time. You can also order straight curtain tracks on their own if you wish. It's just that we specialise in making it super simple for anyone to order a perfect fitting bay window curtain track.

Get an instant price for hand draw custom made straight tracks by clicking images below

regular ceiling fix curtain track-link
wall mount curtain tracks link
slimline ceiling fix curtain track link
slimline wall fix curtain track link
regular ceiling fix curtain track-link
wall mount curtain tracks link
slimline ceiling fix curtain track link
slimline wall fix curtain track link

Looking for a straight corded curtain track?

Then check out our custom made cord controlled straight tracks here. Use the simple calculator to guide you through the choices you would like. Your new track will then be made exactly as you need. Making it so much simpler and quicker to fit when it arrives.  Just click on the image below to get an instant price for one to fit your window.

Straight corded curtain tracks link
curtain draw rods link

What else is different about your bay window curtain tracks?

Other than our bay tracks are made to the exact shape and size of your bay in our workshop. All the components that can be pre fitted are. Such as gliders and ceiling brackets so little to no assembly  required. The only thing not pre fitted are wall brackets. As these need to be fitted first (see fitting videos).

So after opening the box containing your new bay track. Then removing the protective wrapping paper from the tracks. They are ready to be fitted. Following our video guides you will have your track fitted and curtains hung in no time at all

Finally, if you have any questions regarding our top quality curtain tracks. Then please get in touch using the contact form here. We would love to help you find your bay window curtain track solution.

bay track without returns video link
how to hang curtains in a bay window