Custom Made Corded Curtain Tracks

custom made corded curtain tracksCustom made corded curtain tracks

I think everyone has had a bit of a nightmare 😒 with corded curtain tracks at one time or another. However, not with our custom made corded curtain tracks.

The common fault with many others is that the curtains just end up sticking half open or half closed. No matter how hard you pull on the cords. the curtains will hardly move.

To make matters worse, the pulling hard down on the cords ends up loosening the bracket at that end of the track. This makes a bad situation even worse.

The common fault is that the curtains just end up sticking half open or half closed. No matter how hard you pull on the cords. the curtains will hardly move.

So what causes this to happen ?

corded tracks with centre pulleys
fitting a wall fix corded curtain track

The most common reason is that the cords slip off the pulley wheels on the end of the track. Then when you pull the cords they end up getting jammed.

Another reason is that the weight of the curtain is too heavy for the main carrier to cope with. This carrier then ends up collapsing and jamming the track.

I have to admit this is most common on plastic corded curtain tracks. However it does apply to a lot of the prepacked store bought metal corded tracks as well.

Benefits of using our tracks

There are a lot of good reasons to choose these tracks over store bought ones. take a look below to find out.

Have an existing problem corded bay window curtain track??

If you already have a corded curtain track in a bay window. One of the "bend at home type" that is meant to fit your window shape. Then I'm sure it has given you no end of problems. If you have a bay window and are thinking of fitting a corded track or replacing an existing one. Then I seriously recommend you take a look at these corded bay tracks before you go any further. 

corded track pulley

Guide holes to keep cords separate.

corded track pulley

Top pulley wheel keeps cords on each pulley wheel.

corded track pulley

Dividing bar again keeps the cords seperate.

The Problem With Many Other Corded Curtain Tracks

It all boils down to weight !

No matter what it says on the label of your store/internet bought curtain track packaging. Most will only perform consistently well, when light or small curtains are hung from them.

When you hang curtains that are in the medium to heavy bracket. Curtains on windows such as patio doors or French windows. These being wide as well as long. The track may start life working reasonably well (often not). However they will deteriorate quickly and end up being completely unusable.

You will also find they don't supply enough gliders to hang the curtains properly.  We always make sure you have enough gliders for the size of track. Also, you can order extra if you really want to to be sure.  Or have enough brackets to support the track well.  On average we supply a bracket every 40cm.  Again you can order extra brackets if you want to be sure when fitting.

So What's The Solution ?

Buying a custom made corded curtain track that is truly built for hanging heavy domestic curtains!

  • One that is made of metal to carry up to heavy domestic curtains.
  • One that has top quality free running  pulley wheels . With a design to stop the cords jumping off the pulley wheels. Making it easy to open and close your curtains.
  • One that uses a thick non stretch operating cord (most others do stretch with use). So once the cord tensioner is fitted to the wall. You don't get slackness in the cords after a few weeks of use. If for any reason you want to alter the cord tension. Then all it takes is loosening one screw. See the video here.
  • One that uses strong carriers to pull the curtains along. 

  • One that......well you get the idea :-) One that is designed and built to do the job needed

Where can I get great custom made corded curtain tracks like this?

Funny you should ask that question.

As I was just about to show you one I prepared earlier :-)

Then I decided to make a couple of videos and add lots of images showing these corded curtain tracks on this page. It can be made to fit any width window up to a maximum of 5 metres wide (2 pieces with a heavy duty joiner).Though over 350cm wide we recommend you have cord controls to both sides. This will make opening the curtains so much easier. We custom make every new track when a customer places an order. All components are checked as we assemble. We also make sure there are ....Enough gliders for the width of the track.

  • There are enough brackets to support the width and drop of your curtains
  • We make the control cords to the right length ready for immediate fitting. On wider window we can add a  cord control to each side. So you only have to move the weight of one curtain.
  • We centre the curtain carriers, so your curtain meet in the middle (unless ordered differently) .
slimline track connectorTrack connector for widths over 250cm.

Multiple bracket options

Ceilinf fix bracket

Very neat ceiling (top) fix brackets with neat cover.


Our smallest wall bracket for when you want the track to fit close to the wall.

7.5cm wall fix bracket

The 7.5cm brackets a top and bottom fixing hole. This gives a stronger wall fixing. It also allows the curtains to hang a little further from the window.

These come with a back cover that hides the screw fixings.

10cm wall fix bracket

Finally, our 10cm bracket that works great when you need to clear a deeper window sill. 

This bracket als comes with a back cover to hide the screw fixings.

screw cover open4.5cm bracket screw cover open
screw cover closed4.5cm bracket screw cover closed

The 4.5cm projection wall brackets don't come with a full back cover as with the larger brackets. These brackets come with a screw head cover to make things look neat when fitted.

Thick non stretch cords


Strong track profile


Strong metal cord tensioner

wall fixed cord tensioner

Then we have a super strong metal cord tensioner. This secures the control cod loop to the wall. This keeps the cords under tension. It also makes the cord control child safe.

Again far superior to plastic store bought tensioners.

Also, note the thickness of the aluminium on these tracks. This is why they will work so much better, longer and more efficiently than store bought corded curtain tracks.

The cords are held in separate channels from the gliders that you hang the curtains from. This means the cords don't drop out of the track. 

adding or removing gliders from our corded curtain tracks

Strong overlap arm options

These overlap arm are heavy duty unlike the ones on store bought corded tracks. Watch the video below to see how simple they are to fit to your track on arrival. You can have it pointing to the left or right.

corded track overlap armCorded track overlap arm

If you are looking for a quality metal custom made corded curtain track, and what I have said here hasn't convinced you yet.  Let me tell you that I have built and fitted hundreds of these for my customers over the past few years.

I work on the fit and forget principle!

I really hate it on the rare occasion I have to go back and mess about with a poor quality track.

It's waste of my time... and more important it is wasting my customers time. Also even more important for me is that it gives my business a bad reputation.

So as  soon I find we have taken on a less than great product. We drop it immediately, no matter how cheap we can buy it , or how profitable.

Get an instant price just below by selecting a few simple choices. You can build your track to suit yourself. 

Curtain track delivery

track delivery

Your tracks will arrive in a long carboard tube like this one. We will email you when your tracks are leaving us ith delivery info. You will also get an email on the morning they are out for delivery to you.

If you would like us to deliver them to an alternative address to your order address. Then let us know in the "Additional info" box at the bottom of the calculator/order form.