Ezecurtains Ordering Videos

Watch our Ezecurtains Ordering Videos below and discover how easy it is to place an order with us for a custom made bay window curtains tracks (straight ones as well).  If you don't find a video to help you. Then just let me know and I will add it to my "to do list" 😊 You can get in touch with me using the contact form here. 

how to order a bay track

Watch this short video guide to ordering a bay window curtain track with us. Then click on this link to see the step by step guide.. 

what are curtain draw rods video

Want to open and close your curtains without touching them but don't want a corded curtain track. Then check out this video. You can order these curtain draw rods here.


Sending us photos with an enquiry. Or sending photos with your order. Then take a look at this short video. Then click here for more in depth help.

bay window curtain track returns

Discover more about what we mean when we say "bay window track returns" on this website here

wave track thtumbnail

Discover more about how our wave tracks work here

discover more about us

Discover more about what we get up to here at Ezecurtains.

silver wave bay track video

Check out this beautiful and stylish silver wave bay window curtain track.

silver bay window curtain track video

Discover more about our NEW silver finish bay window curtain tracks here

bay window curtain track

Discover what's so great about our regular bay window curtain track here.

discover more about our slimline bay tracks

Want to find out all the great things about these slimline bay window curtain tracks. Then take a look here.

Curtain and track video guides

I hope you found these curtain and track video guides useful. As you can see it is not rocket science ordering any of the tracks we supply on this website. If you need some help with how to fit tracks or hang curtains that we have not covered here. 

Then drop us a line and let us know here on the contact form. We will continue to make more videos and are happy for any suggestions you may have.