Please Do Contact Us
"We are always happy to advise"

We are very happy to help with advice and guidance on all aspects of curtain tracks (especially bay windows 😊) . So please do get in touch and add a photo or two of the window/s to the form below.

If you are viewing this page on a laptop or desktop pc.  Then  you may find it easier if you use your smartphone. Then you can take and add photos to this form in one action.

You will be able to attach up to 5 images to help with your enquiry. Any problem attaching images please do let us know.

If you open up this page on your smartphone then click on the "Upload  photo button!" on the form.  Your camera icon should now be showing. Click on it to open the camera and then take your photo.

Your photo will then be automatically uploaded to the contact form. 

Just repeat this if sending more photos. Then complete the rest of the form and press the "Press To Send Your Enquiry" button at the bottom of the form. You will get a confirmation message and an email confirmation.                                                                       

When can you expect a reply?

We will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.  

So if you don't don't see our email reply within this timescale.  Almost certainly our reply has ended up in your spam folder. So have a quick look in there before you get in touch again.

If you are sending us photos of your windows!

Good photos of your bay windowsGood photos of your bay windows

Stand well back and get all of the window in shot.  Send at least one photo like this please 😁. I know its not always easy with curtains and furniture in the way. 

Just do your best and if we need another photo. We will advise you on the best way to take it.

We will ask you for photos of your bay window with your order. So take a look at the "how to take great photos of your windows" here.

It may seem obvious but with these tips it will make sure we help process your enquiry/order smoothly and efficiently. 

We will only ever use your email address to send a confirmation and obviously to reply to your enquiry.
You won't hear from us again unless you ask us to get back to you

We wont use it to send you anything else. We NEVER share your details with anyone else. We respect your privacy.  See our privacy policy here.

Do you use an Ad Blocker?

If you can't see the contact form below. Then it might be the Ad blocker extension on your browser preventing it from showing. If so just disable it while you complete the form. Then turn is back on afterwards. We don't use Ads on this site.