Curtain Draw Rods

What are curtain draw rods and why do you need them?

They are a great way to open and close your curtains without touching them. They really come into their own on wide or high windows. They make drawing large curtains a breeze. Watch the video below for more info.

Curtain draw rods the simple solution

If you are interested in the custom made bay window curtain track shown in the video. Then take a look at it here.

These draw rods come in three lengths of 75cm, 100cm and 125cm. So the higher your window the longer the draw rods will need to be.

Just use a tape measure to see what a comfortable height will be to reach the rods. Then select that size or the next one up. They are sold in pairs and are very simple to clip in place. They can be used on any curtain track or pole.

They are sutable for gathered curtains with a tape heading, pinch pleat curtains, wave curtains. You can even use them on eyelet curtains. You will just need to add a curtain ring on to the pole between the first two eyelets. Then clip the rod to the curtain ring.

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