Regular ceiling tracks for hanging curtains

Ceiling fixed curtain track made ot measureCeiling Fix Curtain Tracks - Made To Measure

That look great and work even better

Are you looking to upgrade your window treatments with a modern, sleek look? Our high-quality ceiling tracks for hanging curtains are the perfect solution! Our tracks are designed to be mounted to the ceiling, providing a clean, unobtrusive appearance that works well with any décor style.

Installation is really easy, even for those who are not particularly handy. All you need are a few basic tools and some simple instructions that we provide, and you'll be able to have your tracks up in no time. Watch the fitting video lower down on this page to see how simple it is to fit these great curtain tracks. Once installed, you can easily hang your curtains , creating a clean, modern look that will elevate any room.

Our ceiling fix curtain tracks are made from durable white aluminium and are designed to last for years. that's why we give a "10 Year No Quible Guarantee" They are available in any size up to 5 metres wide will be made in 2 halves with a heavy duty joining splice). So can accommodate different window widths and are made in our workshop to fit your specific needs. Whether you need tracks for a small bathroom window or a large living room window, we've got you covered.

Ceiling tracks with easy installation

These curtain tracks arrive completely assembled:

NO having to add the curtain gliders.

NO screwing on the end stops.

NO adding brackets before you can fit the track.

Simply unpack your new curtain track and hold up to the ceiling. Then start fixing in place with the supplied screws and plugs. These are not the usual rubbish plugs and screws you get with store bought tracks. They are top quality ones that I use myself.

regular curtain track centre overlap optionRegular curtain track centre overlap option

Looking for ceiling tracks for hanging curtains in a bay window?

regular bay track fitting video

If you have a bay window then check out the bay window curtain tracks page here for the perfect fitting custom bay track.

Good reasons to buy one of these ceiling tracks!

In addition to their sleek appearance and easy installation, our ceiling tracks for hanging curtains also offer a number of practical benefits. By hanging your curtains from the ceiling, you can create the illusion of higher ceilings, making any room feel more spacious. You can also use ceiling fix tracks to create room dividers, allowing you to partition off space for privacy or to create separate zones in open-concept living areas.

At Ezecurtains, we're committed to providing our customers with high-quality products that are both stylish and functional. Our ceiling fix curtain tracks are no exception, and we're confident that you'll love the look and convenience they provide. Shop now using the price calculator below to find the perfect tracks for your home!

Want to know more about these tracks. Then take a look at ceiling curtain track page here before you buy.

What are the ceiling mounted curtain track bracket options?

Regular curtain track joining splice back viewRegular curtain track joining splice back view
Discreet Ceiling Fix Curtain Track BracketsDiscreet Ceiling Fix Curtain Track Brackets

When it comes to bracket options for your ceiling fix curtain tracks.

You only have one because that is all you need.

The one we supply is a very neat and a discreet style. It sits neatly behind the track. These brackets are pre-fitted and evenly distributed across the track. We fit one bracket approximately every 30cm. This is more than usual, as you are fixing to the ceiling. The extra brackets make sure the track will be really secure when fitted.

If you want to adjust the position of the brackets. The good news is you can push the bracket firmly with your thumb side to side to adjust the position.

If you order extra brackets with your new ceiling curtain track. They are packed separately. This means you can add them where you want them on the track. If you feel the track needs extra support especially at the track ends. Or just keep them in reserve in case you want to add them at a later time. These are "click fit" brackets and we have a video showing you how simple they are to add these to the back of your track.

It has a sloping back rather than being square. This means it's much less visable and can only really be seen if you are stood right under the track. Take a look at the ceiling mounted curtain track image at the top of this page to see how discreet these ceiling mounted brackets really are. 

Ceiling tracks for hanging curtains with curtain draw rods?

what are curtain draw rods video

Curtain draw rods will help keeping your curtains cleaner and looking better for years to come.

Rather than pulling the curtains along the track. You pull the draw rod along. because it's fixed to the leading curtain glider. You are moving the track gliders rather than the curtain.

These draw rods are especially good for use on tall windows. See these curtain draw rods in action here.

Do you need a ceiling fix   track for a  bay window ?

If have a bay window and need a track bent to fit the shape exactly. Then take a look here at the bay window curtain tracks page. These are super easy to fit compared to any store bought curtains.

Don't believe me then watch the fitting video on the regular bay tracks curtain page here.

Delivery of your ceiling mounted curtain tracks

Most times of the year delivery of these ceiling tracks for hanging curtains takes between 3 to 5 days from placing your order.

busier times of the year such as leading up to Christmas may take a little longer.

***Please note we only deliver to mainland UK (excluding the Scottish Highlands & Islands).

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