Made To Measure Ceiling Fix Slimline Curtain Tracks

The great thing about these made to measure ceiling fix slimline curtain tracks is that not only are they top quality and very strong. They also come in widths up to 5 Metres (in 2 pieces with a heavy duty joiner). "Did I mention they also look really neat". The front profile is only 15mm deep. (17mm including the ceiling bracket)

Which is great if you have limited space over your window. For example inward opening windows. Or plantation shutter doors. Or simply you just like the slimmer look!

slimline curtain trackMade to measure slimline ceiling fix curtain track

Do you want overlapping curtains?

A great option especially if fitting in a bedroom is the option to have your new track made with an  overlap arm in the centre. This is good for blackout curtains as they will pass over each other. So blocking the light gap you so often get when curtains simple butt up together.

slimline track connectorSlimline track connector (supplied with all tracks over 250cm wide)

How much weight will these made to measure ceiling fix slimline curtain tracks hold?

These metal ceiling mounted curtain tracks will hold the weight of most domestic type curtains with ease. Even floor length blackout lined curtains. They also come with a white powder coated finish that is "super tough and super smooth". So even the largest curtains will glide like a dream on these tracks.

We make these made to measure ceiling fix slimline curtain tracks with a bracket approximately every 40cm across the width. This means they have lots of support. They also come with plenty on curtain gliders to support your curtains. 

Extra brackets and gliders

Should you want to order extra brackets or gliders to be double sure. Then you can simply add more to your order. The simple handy calculator below will tell you how many bracket and gliders your track comes with as standard. So you can then decide should you want to order more.

How many gliders you need is determined by the heading style of your curtains. Also, the width of the curtains you are hanging. Not sure about this then just ask us.

Easy fitting with our made to measure ceiling fix slimline curtain tracks 

When your new made to measure ceiling fix curtain track arrives. All you need to do is unpack it and it is ready to fit straight away. There is no assembly needed as you simply hold up in position and drive the supplied screws straight into the ceiling. Our handy fitting video below shows you how simple this is to do. Anyone with basic DIY skills can do it. 

If you have a bay window and would like the custom bent version of this track. Then take a look at our slimline hand draw bay window curtain tracks here. Use the handy calculator to get an instant price for one to fit your window perfectly.

If you have any questions about these tracks. Then please just ask me here :-), maybe even send me a photo of your window.

fitting a slimline ceiling fix curtan track video


Most times of the year delivery takes between 7 - 10 days from placing your order. If there is going to be much more of a delay. We will advice you at the time of purchase.

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