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Bay Window Styles

What shape is your bay window?

Knowing what I call each of the "bay window stlyes" below will help you choose the right shape bay track when ordering a new one for yourself.

You will also need to answer few simple questions before you can buy a new custom made bay window curtain track. Such as:

  • Where are my curtains going to hang to? (window sill, top of radiator, floor)
  • Where to fit the curtain track? (so your curtains hang in the right place)
  • Do I want my curtains to stay in the bay, or return out on the sides. 

Answering these questions will mean you end up with a perfectly fitting bay window curtain track.  That in turn will give you perfectly hanging curtains.

.......and super smooth running curtains on my fabulous bay tracks :-)

Choose from one of the bay window styles here!

(click any image for larger view)

splay bay window

Splay Bay

Square bay window

Square bay

left hand bay

Left Hand Bay

right hand bay

Right Hand Bay

Left Hand Splay Bay

Right Hand Splay Bay

cuved bay window

4 Sided Bay

5 sided bay window

5 Sided Bay

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How are your curtains going to hang?

This will detemine whether your track will fix to the ceiling or wall. Or maybe even both!

In an ideal world your curtains when hanging will hang straight down. Not being pushed out by a deep window sill, or maybe a radiator. 

Sometimes there needs to be a little bit of conpromise. But not too much or your curtains will start to look odd :-(

Ceiling fixed bay window curtain tracks

Often the way to get the best hanging curtains is to fix the track to the celing. Especially within the bay. This doesn't create anymore problems than fixing to a wall in most cases.  Unless you have the worlds biggest, heaviest curtains.

The only good reason not to fix this way is because you have chunky coving running around the edge of the ceiling. This is especially a problem for curtains hanging within the bay only.

If within your bay has a lower ceiling than the main room. As well as hanging longer curtains. Then you will need to have the track return out of the bay on each side. These end bits of tracking will fix to the wall on each side of the bay.  Trying to hang long curtains with a wall/frame fixed track  within a bay with deep window sills just doesn't work. The curtains at the sides just don't sit right.

Wall fixed bay window curtain tracks

Wall fixed bay window curtain tracks work best with either window sill length curtains. Usually hanging within the bay only.

Or for long curtains when the window sills are very shallow and don't stick out too much. Usually in older Victorian style bay windows. 


When I talk about compromises. Often when I measure a bay for a new curtain track. There are many times a radiator in the centre of the bay. 

Often the radiator is a modern slimline version. These don't protrude out a massive amount. So I don't usually allow for this when measuring for long curtains. I still measure across the front edges of the window sill. 

I know that when the curtains are closed over the radiator. They will be pushed out a little. This is where the compromise "kicks in".

I reach a compromise between the track fixed to the ceiling following the true shape of the bay window sill. Rather than making an allowance for the radiator. I think it is the right thing to do. You will in reality barely be able to see the curtains pushing out a little.

This way of measuring means that when the curtains are hanging open. They don't hang too far in front of the window sill around the rest of the bay.

The image above shows how a ceiling mounted curtain track follows the shape of the bay. It is far enough away from the wall, so the curtains can hang in front of the window sills.

This track also returns out of the bay on each side. This allows the curtains to completely clear the window for maximum light.

The image above shows how neat this ceiling mounted track looks. The curtains also look better hanging outside of the bay on the returns.

These tracks can be made to fit almost any shape of bay shape. 3 sided, 5 sided, 6 sided, and more sided... So you get the idea.

You should now be able to place an order for your own custom made bay window curtain track. Remeber the only size you need to get started is the total width around all the sides of your bay. Effectively following roughly where the bay track is going to fit. 

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