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Uncertain of what bay window measurements to supply

Hi Lee, I was about to press 'order' but then hesitated as uncertain about which measurements to supply. If measure around the window sill, as per video,

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Curved bow window - no room for wall mount track

Hi Lee, my house has bow windows - with four window panels. In the bedroom the window frame starts immediately below ceiling so there is no space to attach

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Rounded return

Bay window

Hi Lee, I was wondering if it would be possible to have the return section of my track rounded as in the example picture I've included? I've also included

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Large square bay wall or ceiling fix?

Main view

Hi Lee, I am looking to install a track system to replace my foolishly attempted swish DIY curtain track in our square bedroom bay. The total length is

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Curtain for door with no space

Front door and window

I want a curtain over my front door and adjacent window, but there's not room for the curtain to hang next to the door when the curtain is open. However,

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Am I measuring this correctly?

Bay window template

Hi Lee I have just bought a new home with a light box attached to the kitchen / diner. We want to install a pair of wave curtains around the bay with

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Size of bracket etc

1. I want to add some curtains to the blinds I have in my bay window as it feels cold in the winter but don't want to block out any light when they are

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Ceiling Mounted Bay Window Curtain Track in Awkward Bay Window

Hi Lee Thank you for your informative website. I’m hoping you will be able to help us with our bay windows. I would love to be able to get full length

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Which is the best option for our box bay.

Hi Lee We have a box bay and are thinking of wall over window/​Window frame (with returns out of bay wall fix) with overlap track right over left. Would

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How to measure for a ceiling fixed bay track

You have no need to worry about how to measure for a ceiling fixed bay track with us (returns if selected can be wall or ceiling fixed). It's a very simple process of measuring and sending us your sizes. We can also help you if you get stuck at any time.

We know most people have never done this before and don't really know where to start.

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Ceiling Track Problem

Hi, I have a vaulted ceiling in our new room and I wanted the wave type curtains, so that I can draw them back as far as possible to let the light in through

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Please help with ordering a bay window track 😭

Hi Lee. I really am unsure where to start. I'm in desperate search of obtaining a track to fit curtains in this bay and not have to just fix a track

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Can you do anything with this bay window?

I have a 3 sided bay window, the dimensions are 24 inches x 68 x 24 with the side wall being 10 inches either side The existing curtain pole isn’t very

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Overhanging lintel preventing standard returns

Full bay

Hi Lee, as you can see from the attached photographs, we have a five-sided bay window. The top of the window frame butts up against the ceiling and finishes

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Do you fit the tracks

I’m 72 - your ceiling track looks like the perfect solution for my bay window. But I won’t be able to fit it. Do your delivery also fit? Hi Victoria

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