Large square bay wall or ceiling fix?

by Jon Nichols
(Yelverton )

Main view

Main view

Hi Lee, I am looking to install a track system to replace my foolishly attempted swish DIY curtain track in our square bedroom bay.
The total length is 507 cm and the current plastic track is wall fixed as you can see from the photos - the above window timber fixing is only 6cm height however, which looks like it may rule out using your wall fix brackets. However, there is a windowsill and radiator across the main part of the bay which projects a total of 17 cm from the window surface, so ceiling fix may be a better option, but the property is circa 1900 and I am just slightly concerned of the weight of Curtains on what I assume to be a plaster lath ceiling?
Thanks in anticipation of your advice. Jon

Hi Jon

Thanks for getting in touch and for the photos as they tell the story. I hear what you say about the ceiling. however, I still think it will be the best place to fit to.

I would order a few extra brackets to distribute the weight more evenly. You could add the extras on the sides of the bay. this is where the bulk of the weight is when stacked in the open position.

Being ceiling fixed can also help with the position in front of the radiator. You will be very unlucky to not hit any timber in the ceiling on such a big bay. I simply hold the track up in position. Then drive the screws directly into the ceiling. This will determine if the fixings are good or not.

Your first brackets at the ends of the track. Will almost certainly go into a timber lintel across the bay. If it is a metal lintel then you will need to pilot the holes for the supplied screws. I use these 3.5mm HSS drill bits from Screwfix for this job. The best I have come across.

If you are looking to replace the corded swish track with one of our corded custom-made metal bay tracks. Then I have attached an image of the items I added to the calculator to arrive at the total price including delivery.

corded bay track price

Another thing to be aware of is the length of the cord control loops. We make these so the bottom of the loop is 150cm up from the floor. This is to meet child safety laws. This would mean they will be shorter than the ones you have now.

Finally, I think it is important for me to mention that our corded tracks are far superior to the Swish DIY tack in every way. Far more robust track and fittings. The cord is also more than double the thickness. Which makes it so much easier to grip when opening and closing the curtains. This is why we can confidently offer our 10 year guarantee.

If you have any other questions. Then please feel free to ask. You can find the direct link to the custom made corded bay track page here.

You will also find several supporting videos relating to the corded track over on the Video gallery help page here.

All the best, Lee

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Hand draw bay track
by: Lee

Hi Jon

No problem and if you went with our Regular hand draw track. With a pair of 100cm long curtain track rods. This would come to £248.54 including delivery.

This would include an additional 4 extra ceiling brackets. Just in case you need extra support.

You can access the order form using the link just below.

These tracks also come with our 10 year guarantee.

All the best, Lee

To cord or not?
by: Jonathan Nichols

Hi Lee, thanks for the prompt reply. To be honest, I had thought of going for the simple un-corded track as currently the cords are such as fiasco and will not draw the Curtains under any circumstances. I think my preference would be for a simple track with the addition of curtain rods to help pull it be curtains around the corners - what’s your opinion?

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