Join us in a profitable future as an Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner

Join us in a profitable future as an Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner

regular bay track with overlapRegular bay track with overlap

I'm assuming since you are reading this that you are interested in earning more income. Also, you don't want to burden yourself with a lot of extra work to earn that money.

Then if you are based in the UK, you've come to the right place! As an Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner, we are excited to offer you a rewarding opportunity to work with us in promoting top quality made-to-measure bay window curtain tracks. We also make custom-made straight tracks as well.

Are you in the curtain/interiors trade and based in the UK and have a supplier and think you won't benefit from working with us? Then skip down here to discover why that is probably not  true! Otherwise please read on 😊

What's in it for you?

Firstly, we offer our trade partners a great discount on the retail price of our products. Or we can give you a great commission on every sale you put our way. We will chat about the details of how this works if this opportunity interests you.

You may have some knowledge of the products we offer, or maybe not at all. Either way, it doesn't matter as we take all that side of the business away from you. Effectively you just to bring us to the attention of your customers. There's numerous ways you can do that. We handle all queries, order processing, and delivery. We also handle any after-sales. 

We back up all our sales with a NO quibble 10-year guarantee. You don't have to worry that your reputation will suffer from working with us.  We won't let you or your customer down. 

Your Gateway to Success as an Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner

Ezecurtains is a UK based leading supplier of high-quality curtain tracks, all crafted from durable aluminum, and expertly customized to fit any bay or straight window. 

These come premade ready to fit immediately upon delivery. NO bending, NO cutting, and NO assembling.

There is a huge demand for these kinds of products. At a price that consumers are happy to pay. Over the last few years we have sold 1,000's of custom-made bay window curtain tracks across the UK. After people had tried other poor-quality options over the years. They end up searching for a better solution to their bay window curtain problem

The lucky ones have found us online and solved the problem 😉

However, we can't reach everyone who would benefit from our products and high level of service. So that's where you come in as an Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner!

Rather spend our advertising and marketing budget with the major search engines. We would rather spend it with you on commissions and discounts. We would much prefer to build mutually beneficial long-lasting relationships with other UK based small businesses. Rather than giving it to faceless multinational companies.

Who Are We Looking For?

We welcome UK based trade partners who are ideally in home interiors. Such as curtain retailers, curtain makers, and interior designers. Also, any business that is in the home or hotel interior business. Furniture, flooring, lighting, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

However, if you have a UK based business that immediately would not look like a perfect match. But you think there is some potential. Then we would love to explore that with you.

An Ideal Add-On Business

Do you have a UK based website, blog, or social media profile?

Then we have a great option to earn income with very little effort on your part. Become an Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner with us. Simply add promotional links, banners, and videos to your platform. We supply these ready-made for you. Or we can custom-make them if needed.

Then when one of your visitors clicks on one of the links and makes a purchase. You automatically earn a generous commission. 

 You can see some examples of our affiliate banner ads just below.

If these were your Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner supplied banners or text ads. Then when someone clicks them it uses your affiliate link. So if a sale is made it gets recorded to your account. Then monthly you will get paid your commission.

Do you send lots of business emails?

Then another option would be to add a link in your email signature. Again if someone visited our website from this link and made a purchase this would automatically earn you a generous commission.

You can add a simple paragraph with your affiliate link in order confirmation emails. Delivery emails, You could just add a link just under your signature.

If you just think someone might be interested in new top quality curtain tracks. Then just email them your affiliate link.
Then if they visit our website and make a purchase within 60 days, you get paid. 

What could be simpler or easier. I don't know of an easier way to earn money 😊.

Do you use Social Media with a UK audience?

Then you can add your affiliate links to your posts, or just add it to your profile. You don't want to push this too hard. However, if someone mentions custom made curtain tracks. Then you might as well earn something from it.

Do you have a UK based retail outlet?

Then using a product display to promote our products could work really well for generating new business. You can assist your customer in placing the order while they are with you. Then we would then take over everything else from there on. We would communicate directly with the customer regarding the final sizes and delivery.

The other great thing is that the product display will also have a prominent QR code. If a visitor to your business premises should show interest and scan the QR code. They can then watch the product videos directly on their phone while still on your premises. Then if they go home without ordering immediately. Don't worry because if they then go on to purchase from us within 60 days. You will still receive the commission on that sale.

For anyone already in the curtain business

I hear a lot that "I have a curtain fitter and he does all this for me. I don't need to change to your service".

The truth is your curtain fitter doesn't do what we do! I know because I used to be a curtain fitter for 25 years. Like most curtain fitters I used to take either a store-bought bay track solution. (There's numerous of these dreadful products out there. Not enough brackets or gliders to successfully fit in a bay window. Barely enough to fit a straight window.)

Or, I took a contract length of curtain track and components. Either way, I would have to move some if not all the furniture in the room out of the way. Or in a bedroom, I would have to sheet up the bed and use this as my workbench. I needed to do this to create enough space to work with. Laying out protective coverings to put all my tools on. Ready for bending and cutting. I often felt embarrassed to use the customers' homes as my workshop.

For some trades this is unavoidable. However, this trade is not one of them!

The only other option if moving furniture was not possible. Would be to work outside with the bending and cutting. Not a good experience with the UK weather.

I would then have to make endless trips up and down my stepladders. To measure each section. Then bend the track to the angle I wanted. Doing it this way is more art than science. The track rarely was a perfect fit on the first occasion. Often I would have to make multiple alterations. Before the track was close enough to call it acceptable.

Also, any decent curtain fitter will tell you. That you can't put an acceptable reverse bend on a quality curtain track by bending over your knee. Even with the right fillers in the track profile. I know this to be true as I did it for so many years.

Even if your curtain fitter had the correct bending tool or machine for that track profile. Without working from an accurate drawn-out bay template. You can't get the bends in exactly the right place. I don't care how great you say your fitter is. If it was possible we would not sell so many of our custom made bay window curtain tracks.

Finally my last word on the subject!

By being an Ezecurtains Affiliate Trade Partner with us. You have endless opportunities to earn commissions on product sales. Product sales that you don't have to deal with. We take of everything 😊

Time is money, as the saying goes

Most half-decent curtains fitters are charging between £25 to £35 per hour (more in London). So based on my experience of fitting tracks in bay windows. Then hanging and dressing a pair of curtains. This would a minimum of 3 hours. Sometimes longer on more complicated bays. Yes it can be done a bit quicker but NOT properly.

So removing at least 2 hours from every bay job. It saves you at least £50 to £70. However, more like a saving on average of between £75 to £105.

This money can then be put towards providing a top-quality bay track from us with perfectly curved bends to your customers. Also supplied with enough of brackets and gliders. 

With a custom-made bay track. Your fitter can have it fitted and curtains hung in under an hour. I know this as I have personally fitted many hundreds in the last few years.  

Our bay tracks are so simple to fit following our video guides. Most bay tracks we supply directly to domestic customers are successfully installed by people with no previous experience. Just access to a drill/driver and a pair of step ladders. 

All the difficult and technical stuff has been removed. Leaving only the basic stuff to do. Watch our fitting video guides to see how it happens. Using our bay window curtain tracks will give your business that step up in quality. Not only will your customers thank you for it. Your fitter if you have one will also thank you. Especially after they have completed the first few jobs. It makes what was a skilled often complicated task. Into a very simple process almost anyone can complete.

Do we have competitors?

The answer to that questions is simple. Yes and No! 😜

Yes, in the sense that every business is in competition for customers. We are no exception and other businesses (not many) do compete with us.

No, in the sense that we don't operate the same way our competitors do. They mostly work on the principle that you know what your doing. Also, that you understand what you need and how to order it properly. 

We work on the principle that even people in the curtains/interiors trade don't always understand what they need. Or how to go about placing a successful order. We don't operate this way to be condescending. We do it because experience shows this to be true. Bay windows are a minefield if you don't work with then all day every day.

We have built an ordering system that asks the right questions. That collects the right information in a way that eliminates most issues before we even start bending. 

Our competitors assume that what you have ordered is actually what you want. They then make what you have ordered. We won't start an order unless we know your new bay track is going to fit correctly. Also that the curtains will also hang properly from the track.

You may have seen our competitors promoting the fact they use the latest computerised plotting and bending systems.
All very wonderful and makes for great promotion. However, like the old computer saying goes "Garbage in, Garbage out" 😢. If you imput incorrect data then the end result will not be correct.

Do we charge more than our competitors for this higher level of service? Do we charge more because of the guarantees we offer?

We charge no more and often less than our competitors. So come on board and see for yourself.

Or get in touch below and request more information