Custom made silver bay window curtain tracks 

silver bay window curtain track

Some great reasons why you should you buy your custom made silver bay window curtain tracks from us !

We actually make them unlike most of our retailer competition. They buy them from trade curtain track makers and put their mark up on them. Then sell them as their own product.

We know what we are doing and have more than 30 years experience doing this. 

We have developed a super simple ordering process. This makes it simple for you to order in confidence that your new bay track will fit perfectly.

Our 10 Year NO quibble Guarantee, on the incredibly rare occasion, something does go wrong. We simply remake at no cost to you.

They arrive made to the exact size and shape you need to fit your bay window perfectly. The bends are a perfect radius and the track is completely assembled out of the box. So this makes it super simple to fit.

Finally, because we make the tracks ourselves and we run a really tight ship. We can supply you at prices below all our competitors 😊

No more, trying to bend a straight track to fit your bay shape. We take care of all the bending. 

No more having to cut the track down to size. 

silver bay track ceiling fixedSilver bay window curtain track all ceiling fixed with a beautiful sheen

Order your new silver bay window curtain tracks with the overlap arm option (see images below). So you have a perfect light block with one curtain hanging in front of the other curtain when closed.  A great solution with blackout curtains. Especially in bedrooms, yours and childrens. 

Made exactly to your bay shape ready to fit straight away. Customers tell me how easy they are to fit. Even with no previous experience. Watch the video lower down

I am so confident of the quality of our bay tracks that I offer an industry beating  ****10 YEAR GUARANTEE ****   (but they will last a lot longer :-)

(All reviews on this page were unsolicited and can be verified)  

Or carry on discovering more about these great silver bay window curtain tracks below. Before deciding if they are what you have been searching for. I have personally been fitting these tracks for more than 20 years.

Or you can use the big red button just above to go straight to the calculator and get an instant price for one to fit your bay window

Looking for a corded bay curtain track?? Then take a look at these.

Important Notice!

Don't worry about where the bends are on the curtain track. If you  order one from us you will get an email  immediately with a link to the page on our website that will give you full details on how to measure your bay shape properly for the perfect fit.

These track can't be bent at home after arriving. They can ONLY be bent in our workshop.

silver track super close up lookSuper close look at this custom made silver bay window curtain track

The bends on the silver bay window curtain tracks

silver bay track reverse bendsilver bay window curtain track with a reverse bend out of the bay

When it comes the style of your silver bay window curtain tracks. You have 2 options to choose from.

Option 1. Have your bay track made in 2 halves with a heavy duty centre joining splice. This gives your bay a clean smooth look. (see images below)

silver-track-joining-spliceSilver track joining splice
silver track centre jointSilver track centre joint

Option 2. Have your bay track made in 2 halves but with an overlap arm overlap. This can be order as "right over left" or "left over right". This is an especially great option when hanging blackout lined curtains. This allowes your curtains to really overlap each other. Giving the maximum light blocking when closed.  (see image above)

silver-track-overlap-arm-optionsilver bay window curtain track overlap arm option. Overlap one curtain one curtain over the other when closed.

Delivery areas and our lead time 

Most times of the year delivery usually takes  about 5 to 7 days from receiving your final sizes. If there is going to be much more of a delay. We will advise you at the time you place your order.

***Please also note that we only deliver to mainland UK (excluding the Scottish Highlands & Islands) . If unsure then please contact us for further details before placing your order. ***

How much will my silver bay window curtain tracks cost ?

Affordable Bay Window Curtain RailsAffordable Bay Window Curtain Rails

These  custom made metal silver bay window curtain tracks are un-corded and the curtains are opened and closed by hand. They are designed to carry up to  heavy weight domestic weight curtains.  Use the calculator lower down on this page to get an instant price.  No hidden extras as the price includes delivery.

Don't worry about where the bends are on your track before you order. All you need now is the total width you want your track to be (within a few cm's).  Then choose your bay shape  After placing your order you will receive an email immediately with a full measuring guide. If you have any more questions, then you can simply ask me :-)

Not sure if you can fit one of my bay tracks for yourself. Then take a look at the video here. You will be surprised how simple it is.

"Hi Lee, I wanted to say how pleased I was with the track. It wouldn't have been any more perfect if you had come to my house. So thank you for the work, it was excellent.  Regards, Steve,

Rochester, Kent"

Measuring your bay window

Do you have an unusual bay shape?

Functional Bay Window Curtain TracksFunctional Bay Window Curtain Tracks

If you do not see your bay window shape in the images at the top of the page, or in the calculator lower down this page. Then simply let me know here. Give me a brief description and I will create a new template for you asap :-)  Also you should attach a photo of your bay. This will really help me understand things even better.

I will then send you an email within 24 hours, but usually a lot sooner to let you know the new template is ready to use. So you can get on with this project and order your new bay window curtain track made to fit your window perfectly.

Another real benefit of having these silver bay window curtain tracks made to fit perfectly. Is not having to cut the track down to size. Also not bending it in the wrong place. Then trying to re-bend it and making things even worse. 

Not sure if you can fit one of my bay tracks for yourself. Then take a look at what Paul had to say about fitting the bay track I made for him here.

 "Hi lee just wanted to say I received the item quickly from the date of order and thanks for guiding me though the process ,brilliant packaging mate to , I got it fitted over the weekend me and the farther in law 10 minutes and done , looks brill lovely finish blends nicely into the ceiling ..waiting for curtains now thanks for the speedy process really happy with the fit finish and quality.   Damian, Kings Norton"

 As you can see on this page, they look really neat and discreet. If you are ready you can jump straight down to the costing calculator right here. 

However you may find the following information useful.

You don't have to worry about getting perfect bends in all the right places either. As these tracks arrive made to shape and ready to fit straight away.

I even supply the same screws and plugs that I use to fit these curtain tracks every week. These work for most situations when fitting to walls or ceilings.

"Hi Lee, My curtain maker was very impressed with my new bay window curtain track. She said she will recommend it to her other customers.  All the best, Sue, Lincoln, Lincolnshire"

Bay window curtain tracks for heavy curtains

silver track end profileSilver track end profile

The way these tracks are constructed and the thickness of the metal gives them greater strength. Even compared to other metal tracks. Also the density of the metal used  compared to DIY bendable tracks makes them superior.

Then the curtain brackets and the gliders are also super strong and will give many years of trouble free use. This is because they are made from nylon and not plastic which is harder wearing  and does not go brittle in the same way as plastic.

You may have seen similar looking tracks however ours are made with a thickness of 1.5mm, most others are made using only a 1mm thickness. I know that 0.5mm extra does not sound like a lot more. But believe me it makes a lot of difference to the weight this track can carry.

"Hi Lee, I'd also be happy for you to give my email address to prospective customers who want to contact existing customers.  Yours is such an unusual business, that I imagine a lot of prospective customers probably hesitate because they can't quite believe that buying a fitted curtain track online really works.  I can reassure them that it does!  Paul, Maidstone"

Curtain tracks for bay window ceiling fixed

See how discreet this white metal ceiling fixed bay curtain track is. After a while you almost forget its there. This gives the bay window a simple uncluttered look. Allowing the curtains to be the main focal point.

Also being made of metal it wins over plastic every day of the week. Firstly it will carry more weight with ease. It will also last and work well many times longer than plastic bay tracks. 

Also they just look so much better! 

If you choose the ceiling mounted bay window curtain track. Then the brackets make the track sit flush to the ceiling. Unlike other  DIY bendable curtain tracks (See competitors bay track here) that are supposedly  ceiling mounted. 

They use what are called "universal brackets". These brackets allow you to either fix to a wall or to a ceiling. The downside is that they just look plain ugly.

In the image here you can see the flush fit bay window curtain track we supply using the purpose designed ceiling mount brackets. In most situations you can hardly see them.

The track below has a small gap between the ceiling and the top of the track. In my opinion they just don't look good at all. This is common on most DIY store bought curtain tracks. 

Bay window curtain track brackets and gliders?

Another problem with DIY tracks are that they NEVER seem to come with enough gliders to hold your curtains up. Also you will find they NEVER have enough brackets. Especially when fitting them in bay windows....... Funny how that works out :-)

You will need more brackets when fitting in bays. The track needs more support on each side of the bends. Also it fitting to the ceiling within the bay. Then I set the brackets closer together than when on a straight track.

Not one of my bay tracks!

Curtain Tracks for Bay WindowsCurtain Tracks for Bay Windows

This bay track above is definitely NOT one of mine. It does not sit flush with the ceiling leaving a gap. It also has the universal brackets for wall or ceiling fitting. The problem is they just look really ugly when fitted to a ceiling. These tracks come pre packed at set sizes and have to be bent at home.  They seem like a good idea but are very difficult to get right.

"Hi Lee, I ordered a ceiling attached bay window curtain track from you last year, to hold heavy interlined curtains and it was easy to put up and works beautifully.  Very pleased with it and will certainly recommend you to people.

 Thank you, Heather, Sandbach, Cheshire"

Problems with old plastic curtain tracks

I'm sure you have had an old plastic curtain track fitted. Then one day you go to close the  curtains and a bracket breaks away. Then soon after another, and another bracket breaks.

Soon the track becomes almost unusable. The same with the plastic gliders that end up going brittle and breaking after a few years. 

Want to get an instant cost for a new curtain track custom made to fit your bay window exactly ? Then click on the big red button just below to get an instant price.

We supply all our tracks with quality 50mm screws and wall plugs.  The same ones I regularly. 

The glider channel on these tracks are sprayed with a silicone spray for smooth operation from day one.  So no more struggling to move your curtains around your bay track. These tracks can be made to fit almost any shape of bay shape. 3 sided, 5 sided, 6 sided, and more sided... So you get the idea.

Bay track delivery

bay track deliveryQuick reliable delivery with our custom curtain tracks

I have put an image here of a large bay track packaged within a large carboard box. Your tracks are wrapped with protective packaging for safe delivery. This will give you an idea of what to expect when your new custom made bay track arrives with you.

So be aware this is a big item and can't often be just left in your porch. Also, if you plan on a neighbour taking delivery.  Pre warn them on what to expect. 

Free delivery  is included with all bay tracks.

Photos of your bay window

Good photos of your bay windowsGood photos of your bay windows

Stand well back and get all of the window in shot.  Send at least one photo like this please 😁. I know its not always easy with curtains and furniture in the way. 

Just do your best and if we need another photo. We will advise you on the best way to take it.

We will ask you for photos of your bay window with your order. So take a look at the "how to take great photos of your windows" here.

It may seem obvious but with these tips it will make sure we help process your enquiry/order smoothly and efficiently. 

***Ad Blockers***

If you have an "Ad blocker" on your browser it may prevent the calculator below from showing. If so then disable it and afterwards turn it back on. We don't use Ads on this site.

Have a question about your bay window ?

This is where you can ask me any questions about your bay window. Not sure how to get the best fit. Should you have your curtains return out of the bay. Thinking of fixing to the ceiling but not sure how to go about it.

Any questions are welcome and there is no such thing as a stupid question. After all it's not something most people have to do very often if at all.

All I ask is that you give as much detail as possible. Also a photo really helps with understanding what needs to be done. You can upload up to 4 photos. The photo file size needs to be no more than 1Mb. Don't worry too much about this as you will be redirected to a webpage that allows you to shrink the file size if necessary.

Finally, I will not reply to questions if you don't give me at least a first name. I also can't reply if you don't enter your email address.

You need to tick the "Notify Me" box on the submission page. Then enter your email address.

I will never use your email address for anything other than to reply to your question without your permission. I respect your privacy.

Now all you need to do is fill in the form just below. This will create a new page on this site that shows your question and my answer. This not only helps you, but also many more people looking for answers to the same question.
If you want to be notified when I reply. Then you will need to supply your email address. We will only use it to notify you and for no other purpose. We respect your privacy.

All the best


P.S. If you have just a quick query, or are replying to an earlier query. Then use the contact form here to get in touch and not this form below.

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