What are bay window curtain track returns?

What do we mean when we talk about bay window curtain track returns? Well just in case you are not sure (as some customers have said). We thought we would create a short video and article to explain it clearly so there is no confusion when placing an order with us for a custom made pre bent bay window curtain track with us here at Ezecurtains.

Why would you want bay window curtain track returns?

The practical reason to order a bay window curtain track with returns. Is that you can completely stack your curtains off the window when they are open. So allowing more light into the room.

If you don't order your new bay window curtain track with returns. Then your curtains will hang just within the bay on the sides. This might be fine as you have wide enough walls on each side within the bay. However, often that isn't the case. Then the curtains end up hanging partially over the side windows. Blocking some light into the room.

Then there is the Aesthetics to consider

If you are hanging a great pair of curtains with a beautiful design and colour. Then you just don't see as much of the curtain when they are stacked open on the windows. They will hang within the bay facing each other.

Rather than facing into the room when hanging on a bay window curtain track with returns out of the bay on each side.
You can see examples of what both of these options looks like here.

Sometimes practicality overrides the look

Sometimes you just don't have the option to a bay window curtain track with returns. Maybe you have installed tall radiators on each side on the bay. Or maybe you have a tall bookcase on one side of the room.  So there is little room for your curtains to hang on the return walls. You really need a minimum of 20cm between the radiator and the external corner of the bay. You could then put a minimum 15cm return on your bay track. this would mean a gap of a few cm's between the curtains and the radiator. Just about acceptable from a design point of view. Also, your curtains won't block to much heat. If there is not enough room for a minimum 15cm track return. Then don't order your bay window curtain track with returns. Select fitting within the bay only option.

Then we have bedrooms with fitted wardrobes. Many times I have come across furniture that butts right up to the bay return walls on one side of the bay.  Usually these wardrobes fill most of the return wall. This then means you can only have a true return on one side of your bay. The other end of the bay track can then only stop at the bedroom wardrobe. Sometimes with just a very short curved track on this side of the bay. I have made many bay tracks like this over the years.

You can order bay window curtain tracks with returns like this from us at Ezecurtains. Simply order the full bay track with returns on both sides. then when sending us your final sizes. Only measure up to the point the return can fit to. You can add more information in the "Additional info" box lower down on the form.

You just need to make sure you can still open the wardrobe door when the track is fitted in place over your window. Other times the fitted furniture is simply a desk or dressing table. So it's low level and doesn't stop a return being fitted on that side of the bay. However, It still causes a big problem when you come to hanging your curtains. If they are long curtains. Then the furniture will kick out the curtain.

Even if you plan on hanging shorter curtains. Your curtains will hang down to the top of the desk/dresser. It can look a little strange sometimes. So make sure you can live with that arrangement.

How do I order a bay  track with or without returns?

You will be glad to hear at Ezecurtains we have made that part really simple. After entering the total width you want your new bay window curtain track with returns, or without returns to be made (within a couple of cm's fine). 😊

You then will have to choose one of the 5 options just below. Your choice here will tell us whether your new bay track is going to have returns or not. At the same time it tells us which brackets you will be using. This means that only the brackets that work for your bay track will be shown. Any other brackets and options that don't work with your bay track are hidden. this way you can't select the wrong items.

Take a quick look and I think you will agree. That the 5 choices below are pretty simple. You just have to click on the one you want.  If you are unsure then simply send us a photo of your bay window. let us know how you want your curtains to hang. We will then let you know which of these options will work for you.

You don't have to worry about choosing the wrong option. As we review all the order bay photos and the choices you have made. We will spot any issues and get in touch to discuss them before we get started on your order. We want things to go right first time. I'm happy to say 99.9% of the time they do. 😊

Track fixing to ? (Select one option)*(required)

1. Ceiling (within bay only)

2. Ceiling (with wall fix returns out of bay)

3. Wall over window/​Window frame inc. side walls (within bay only)

4. Wall over window/​Window frame (with returns out of bay wall fix)

5. Ceiling (with ceiling fix returns out of bay)

Depending on which choice you make above. You will then be presented with a drop down menu for selecting your bay shape. If you select option 1 or 3. Then you will see the "Bending service (without returns) drop down menu.

If you select option 2, 4 or 5. Then you will see the "Bending service (with returns) drop down menu. You can't choose the wrong drop down menu as it won't be visable. So you don't need to worry about doing that.

When you open the Bending service drop down menu. You will be presented with a list of all the available bay shapes. You might not know which one to choose from the description. So just click on the one you think might be right. This will open an image of the bay shape. If it looks right then select it. If you are unsure then click on any others and other bay shape images will pop up. Then decide which ones looks right for your bay shape.

Again if you still can't decide then either send us a photo of your bay window. We will double check it for you. Or select the one you think is closest. Then when we receive your order we will let you know if another bay shape would work better. 

Finally if we don't have your bay shape loaded on the order form. We will create the new shape and load it on the form ASAP.

There are other options on the order form. Some and optional, other you will need to select one or the other. These are mostly just personal choices. If unsure then please just ask for help.

You can see all our bay window curtain tracks here.

You can see a more details guide to ordering our bay tracks by clicking just below.

how to order a bay track