Bay window - advice please

by Julie & Neil
(Truro, Cornwall)

Square bay window

Square bay window

Dear Lee,
We have a square bay window which will need a rail fixing to the ceiling.

Our problem is that the window sills juts out so the curtain rail will need to be approx. 20cms away from the window. Also, we have a little bit of wall on each side into the bay of which will have a gap of approx. 11cms. from the wall.

We wonder if the rail could be made to have a very gentle bend that tapers off each side at each end to mask the gap?

We have enclosed a diagram and some photos, we hope you are able to understand what we want. Your advice in this matter would be gratefully received. NB. Dimensions are accurate.

Kind regards

Julie & Neil

Hi Julie & Neil

I come across this situation all the time and it is easily cured by as you say curving the ends of the track to close the gaps. I have added an image above of what this looks like. Sorry, it is not the best image :-(

We can curve the ends of the track to accommodate any size gap. If you did place an order through the website. You would receive an email with a link to a page on my website where you will enter all your final sizes for making a track to fit your bay shape.

On this page will be an option where you can tick yes to have the curved ends on your track.

I only seem to have received one photo of your bay through this page. If you wanted you could add the other images to the contact form on my website

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