Bay window - ceiling fix and curtain weight

by Alex Long
(Shipley, UK)

Whole bay

Whole bay

Hi Lee

We have a four bend bay window. The windows go the entire height of the wall so there is no room for a wall fix curtain rail or track.

I am planning on hanging velvet curtains that will be relatively heavy. See link just below

Marks & Spencer velvet curtains

We have a pink coloured ceiling and therefore I would prefer a chrome finish to match the finishings in the room.

Would your track be strong enough to support these curtains?

I was hoping to have a right overlap left track in chrome to fit the 5 sides of the bay- will this be possible? I’ve attached photos.

Many Thanks

Alexandra Long
Shipley UK

Hi Alex

Thanks for asking your questions about fitting a bay window curtain track to your window. Yes, these tracks are suitable for hanging heavy curtains with ease.

It will need to be ceiling fixed as there is nowhere else to fix it to. I also think bay tracks look much nicer fitted to the ceiling.

I notice from your photos that the ceiling slopes up a little. This will mean the ends of your curtain track will rise up at the ends by a couple of cm's by the look of it. This not uncommon with bay windows.

This would mean floor length curtains would not be level with the floor when pulled closed over your window. My personal favourite to deal with this issue is to make the curtains 2 or 3cm longer and have them "breaking" on the floor.

This would work really well with velvet curtains. This would give them a luxury look. Also disguising the uneven ceiling.

If your curtains are not going to the floor. Then it really won't matter the tracks is not perfectly level.

You also mention the overlapping tracks in the middle of your window. This is a great idea for any window. However, it is especially great for bedroom curtains. So rather than the curtains just butting together when closed. They truly overlap each other. This makes them hang so much nicer. It also blocks out nearly all the light at this point.

You asked about a chrome track for your bay. I would stick with the white version. This is for several reasons. The white track is a higher specification. Your curtains will also glide open and closed far more smoothly than with any other colour. This is down to the powder-coated finish on the white track. Other coloured curtain tracks have to sacrifice performance for looks.

I hope this helps you decide. If you have any more questions. Then please feel free to ask.

All the best


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