Best solution for two tracks for a square bay window with returns, with ceiling fix in bay; wall fix outside?

by Sarah

Bay window

Bay window

Hi Lee, I am looking for a twin-track curtain track solution for my square bay window.

Do I buy two tracks - one for in-bay ceiling fix for linen voiles and a second track to run inside the voile track for the main curtains, which would have a ceiling fix in the bay and a wall fix for the out-of-bay returns? Thank you.

Hi Sarah

You are correct on all accounts :-)

You would have an inner track that fits only within the bay for the lighter sheer/voile curtains. This would be ceiling fixed.

Then an outer curtain track with ends that return out of the bay on each side. I have put a sketch just below showing how the tracks would fit.

The track again within the bay would be ceiling fixed. Then on the returns out of the bay. The tracks would fix to the wall.

There would be about 12cm between the two tracks to allow the main curtains to open and close without dragging the sheer curtains with them.

This sketch shows both tracks fitting in front of the radiator. To allow for both sets of curtains to be floor length.

You have the option of having the tracks made with a centre overlap. Often in situations like this. The sheer track would be made in one complete piece. Then the main track would be made with an overlap.

Then benefit of the overlap is that it gives you perfectly closing curtains. One curtain would overlap the other curtains. Rather than just butting together when closed.

Having said that some people just don't like the look of the overlapping track.

I have put an image just below that shows the sizes I would need to give you a quote to make these tracks for you.

If you measure up and then give me these sizes using the contact form just here. I will get back to you with a total cost including delivery.

The calculator on the bay tracks page does not currently work for costing for 2 tracks. I will have to create a new one for this.

I think that covers everything for now. I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, Lee

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