Shopping for blackout curtains for bay windows?

Then buying blackout curtains for bay windows is only half of the job. It really doesn't matter if you are looking for ready made or made to measure blackout curtains. If you want your new room darkening curtains to work effectively.

Then you will need to put some thought into what you are hanging your new curtains from. If you only want to have your room a little darker than it is now. Then you don't need to read any further. Just go and buy the curtains you want.

However, if you are planning on new blackout curtains for a bedroom. Where you definitely want the room to be as dark as you can possibly get it to be. This goes double if you're planning on hanging them in a nursery.

As your baby will definitely be going down for a sleep during the day. Or maybe, you are working nights and really need to make it as dark as possible!

Then to start off right you're going to need to use a bay window curtain track. There several really good reasons it should be a bay track, and NOT a bay window curtain pole. Or even multiple blackout blinds.

Bay poles are a complete nightmare to use.  They also stand off the wall to much. This allows lots of light to leak out the top of your curtains. You will also struggle opening and closing your curtains. tthey just aren't user friendly. The problem with blackout blinds is the gaps between each one.  With roller blinds this is even more of a problem.

What kind of bay tracks will work well?

  • You will need a bay window curtain track that allows your curtains to properly overlap in the middle.
  • That have the option to curve back to the wall on the outside ends (If fitted inside the bay only).
  •  That if fitted inside the bay to the ceiling. The track fits flush and leaves no gap over the top.

These 3 options are must haves to acheive maximum light blocking. All our bay window curtain track can give you these 3 things. However our "Regular" bay window curtain track is the most highly recommended track option. You can see in the images below how all these features look.

In the image below this customer fitted our regular bay window curtain tracks with the overlap in the middle. They also went wall to wall across the room. They had coving so chose to fit the track completely to the ceiling. This solved the light leak problem from the top.

Then having the curtains resting n the floor. this blocked any light from the bottom. Finally with having a really generous overlap on the tracks. This blocked any light from peeping out between the closed curtains.

So a perfect conbination of having the right size blackout curtains for bay windows.  Then a bay track that allows then to hang properly. Giving almost no opprtunity for light to leak in to the room.

expression ecru blackout lined curtainsLong and wide blackout curtains

Best Bay Window Curtain Tracks UK

We have found over many years that our customers have put up with DIY bay tracks and poles. They were never great products in the first place. Certainly not good enough for large blackout lined curtains on bay windows with multiple bends. However, it's not really their fault. At the time they just didn't realise there were much better options out there. 

Sure these custom made curtain tracks cost more than the cheaper DIY solutions. However, over the medium to long term, they continue to give great service long after the cheaper alternatives have give up. Your curtains will glide around your bay window with ease for many times longer than the cheaper options.

Your new made to measure blackout bay window curtains will thank you for hanging from a top quality curtain track. Your curtains will last much long and look so much better for not having to drag them across your bay window.

A bay window, with its multiple angles and curves, needs a custom-made, precision-engineered curtain track. Here, made-to-measure really makes a big difference, ensuring smooth movement and an impeccable drop – and we excel in providing these high-quality, tailor-made tracks.

Our Bay Track Options and Guarantee

With these bay tracks, you get great options to enhance your blackout lined curtains. Such as the option to have overlapping tracks in the middle of your bay with our "Regular hand draw bay window curtain tracks". Or adding an overlap arm to your "Slimline hand draw bay window curtain tracks".

With our "Cord operated bay window curtain tracks". These come automatically with an overlap arm pre-fitted.

All our bay tracks are made of metal and custom bent in our workshop to fit your bay perfectly. They are all strong enough to support blackout lined bay window curtains with ease.

So, how would you know if you have your measurements correct for the bay window curtain track?

Don't worry! Our guides and videos will equip you perfectly for this task. And, if that isn't enough, we are at hand to quickly clear any doubts or answer any questions you might have. 

We also guarantee if your new bay window curtain track doesn't fit properly. We will remake it at no cost to you!

We can happily offer this guarantee as it's very rare this happens. This is because we have built a very simple system to make the ordering and measuring almost fool proof. We also look over the photo/s you send with your order and then draw out your bay shape to make everything looks right on the workbench when looking back at your bay photos.

Then if one or two of your sizes looks a little "off". Then we ask you to double check for us before we start making.

When you order curtains and bay window curtain tracks from us, know that you're investing in top-notch quality and attention to detail. All our curtains and curtain tracks are carefully made-to-measure, ensuring that they perfectly fit your bay window.

After ordering your new blackout curtains for bay windows with us!

Once your order’s placed, we swing into action, converting your choices and measurements into beautifully crafted curtains in just 3 to 4 weeks. You will receive an email order confirmation with all your order details. You can then double check everything. Should something not look right, or you simply have a query. Then you can either call us or simply send us a reply email. We always reply to emails within 24 hours (usually much quicker).

Our bay window curtain tracks are delivered even faster, usually within a week (after we receive your final sizes). We understand your anticipation, and we never keep you waiting longer than necessary!

This gives you plenty of time to fit your new custom made bay window curtain track. Well before your new curtains arrive.

Apart from assuring quality, we also prioritize simplicity and convenience. Our online ordering process is straightforward and intuitive. We've made it as easy as possible because, let's face it, we all like things to be simple, don't we?

That brings us back to our primary goal – ensuring that our customers have a hassle-free and thoroughly pleasing experience shopping with us. If at any point, help is needed, just reach out. We're always here to guide you – because your satisfaction is our top priority.

We review every order before it goes into production. So if we think you might have made an error. Or we just want to make sure everything is good. We will reach out to you and double check before we get started. A little delay is much more preferable to an incorrect order 😢

We really hope this information has given you a good understanding of what to look for when shopping for wide blackout curtains for bay windows. We believe that together, we can turn the task of buying curtains from a daunting one into a delightful experience!

But don't just take our word for it. We invite you to browse through our selection of quality blackout curtains, made to measure for your bay window.

And, why not take advantage of our fantastic fabric sampling system? It lets you order five different fabric samples for just £1.99. This means you can see and feel the quality of our fabrics before making a choice.

And, guess what? That's not even the best part! Order your curtains from us, and the £1.99 is refunded to you! So, at the end of the day, it's like getting the samples for free. We think you will agree that it's a pretty sweet deal, isn't it?

Choosing the right bay window curtains is a journey, one where we'll hold your hand and guide you through the process. We want you to have confidence in your choices and be completely happy with your purchase.

So why not get in touch? Fall in love with a fabric? Not sure about measurements? Need some advice?

Trust us, as your experienced go-to experts, we're never more than a call or click away. It's best to send us a photo via the contact form. This way we can be looking at your window while replying to your query. It just means we can help you so much more than just describing what is going on.

So, why wait any longer? It's about time you made a great home improvement. Bask in the subtle elegance of made to measure blackout curtains for bay windows and let it become yet another reason for you to fall in love with your home all over again!