Can these tracks be used on a wall. I don't want them in the ceiling

by Bunge

I have some very heavy curtains (approx. 20 kg per curtain) and need a good bay window rail but not in the ceiling. Two bends in the bay and approx. 320 cm in total length.

Hi Bunge

Yes these bay tracks can be either wall fixed or ceiling fixed. You just just choose which way you want it to fix when you order.

They are also more than capable of carry your curtains at 20kg. The tracks on my website also come supplied with a bracket every 30cm approximately. This is double the industry average. This coupled with the superior track make for great performing experience.

Going back to you question regarding the wall fixed brackets. You will be able to choose between 3cm, 4cm & 6cm projection brackets. This can help if you need the track to sit further out from the wall.

Try selecting some of the options on the "Bay track calculator" and see what is available. It will then calculate a cost based on your choices. Then if you want you can place an order if you want to. Or you can go back and adjust your choices and see how it affects the cost.

I hope this answers you questions but if have more then please feel free to ask.

All the best


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