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Ceiling Fix Curtain tracks 

That Look Great And Work Even Better

The great thing about these metal ceiling fix curtain tracks are that not only they top quality and very strong. They also come in widths up to 6 Metres (almost 20ft) wide in ONE piece. "Did I mention they also look really neat".

 Want to know more about these tracks. Then take a look at ceiling curtain track here before you buy.

Have A Bay Window ?

If have a bay window and need a track bent to fit the shape exactly. Then take a look here at the bay window curtain tracks page.

Delivery of your ceiling fix curtain tracks

Most times of the year delivery takes between 5 - 7 days from placing your order. If there is going to be much more of a delay. We will advice you at the time of purchase.

Bracket Options

When it comes to bracket options for your ceiling curtain tracks. You only have one because that is all you need. The one we supply is a very neat and discreet style.

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Looking for a strong metal bay track,

Custom made to your bay shape ?

Then get an

Right here

Looking for a custom made metal bay track ?

Then get an

Right here