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Full Bay

Full Bay

Hi Lee

214 x 64 x 25 measured at the window sill and from the wall
212 x 62 x 26 existing pole dimensions

I need to fix this to the ceiling, however as you can see the wooden mounting does not go around the right-hand end return, Can I fix these rails to the plasterboard ceiling or would you recommend extending the wood?

Thanks and best regards


Hi Alan

Thanks for getting in touch and for the photos as they really help me understand what is going on.

I'm really not a fan of bay poles and I can see from your photos that there needed to be a lot of adjustments to be made to get it to fit and work. I think changing to a flush-fitting ceiling bay track is a much better option.

When it comes to ceiling fixing curtain tracks. As long as the ceiling is made of plasterboard and not an old lathe and plaster ceiling. Looking at your photos I think yours is plasterboard. The existing timber boards had to be secured to the ceiling. So why not just secure your track directly to the ceiling.

So I would lose the timber boards from the ceiling and fill the holes. Then fit the new curtain track directly to the ceiling. Many people worry that the ceiling won't be strong enough to carry the weight of the curtains.

You would be very unlucky to not hit any timber joists in the ceiling when fitting your new bay track. So with our bay window curtain tracks. The spacing between the brackets is an average of 30cm. So the weight is more evenly distributed across the track.

So using the plugs and screws we supply with our bay tracks you will get a good firm fixing with each bracket that is only into the plasterboard.

The final good thing about fitting directly to the ceiling will look so much neater. Also, opening and closing your curtains will be a dream compared to using a bay pole.

All the best


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