Curved bow window - no room for wall mount track

by Heather Jones

Hi Lee, my house has bow windows - with four window panels. In the bedroom the window frame starts immediately below ceiling so there is no space to attach a curtain track on the wall.

I was thinking of having full-length curtains so presumably heavier - would this work with a ceiling-mounted track? I’ll attach some photos. Also not sure whether to have the ceiling fix or wall fix returns. Is this better for full-length curtains?

Hi Heather

Thanks for getting in touch and for the photo as it really helps me understand what is going on. I would say you are correct that ceiling fixing the track is the only option.

Also, ceiling fixing the returns would be best as well. A lot of people worry about fixing to ceilings. However, in situations like yours, it's the best option.

Trying to wall-fix a bracket right up against the ceiling would be difficult. Also, having the ceiling brackets right across the track. will make the fitting so much easier.

You will find over the width of the track that you will hit timber in the ceiling somewhere. So you only need to plug the brackets where you have a weaker fixing. So simply present the track to the ceiling and drive the screws in to start with. Then revisit each bracket as needed.

A good idea would be to order a few extra brackets with your bay track. This way you can add some extras to the track. Probably at the outside ends. this is where the bulk of the weight will be when the curtains are stacked back in the open position.

When it comes to selecting the right bay shape on the bay track calculator/order form. Choose the "curved bay with returns 1 rolling bend" option from the drop-down menu.

I hope that helps and if you need any help as you move along. then please just ask.

All the best, Lee

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