Do you fit the tracks

by Victoria crivelli
(Worcester )

I’m 72 - your ceiling track looks like the perfect solution for my bay window.
But I won’t be able to fit it. Do your delivery also fit?

Hi Victoria

We use independent delivery companies, mostly Tuffnells to deliver our bay window curtain tracks. They specialise in large unusual-shaped items. So our carriers don't have the time or facility to fit tracks on our behalf.

However, when it comes to fitting out ceiling-fixed bay window curtain tracks. We have taken most of the drama out of installing these. After the track has arrived and you have unpacked your track.

You will see that not only is it made to exactly the right shape. Also, all the fittings including the brackets are ready assembled. The brackets are positioned in the right places around the track.

So effectively the track can be immediately held up to the ceiling. Usually, with 2 people, someone to hold each side. Then the supplied screws can be driven straight into the ceiling. Some of the screws may need securing further using the supplied plasterboard plugs.

You can watch a video here to see how simple the bay track fitting process really is.

Bay track fitting video

I do appreciate that you may not feel able to do this job yourself. However, you may know someone with basic DIY skills who could do this for you.

Otherwise, you could employ a local handyman service who will be more than able to complete this task. Especially if you show them the fitting video beforehand.

You may want to do the measuring yourself. Or you could ask the one doing the fitting to also measure on your behalf. Again this is a simple process and after placing your order. you will automatically receive an email. this will have a link to the page on the website that deals with your bay shape. There is a template for you to follow and some tips on measuring.

When it comes to selecting your bay shape on the calculator/order form. You have a 5-sided bay with 4 bends. That is 3 window sections with 2 small side walls. This will allow your curtains to hang mostly over the side walls within the bay when open. Select this shape from the drop-down menu on the form.

I appreciate this can appear complicated if you have never done this kind of project before. Rest assured we are here to help with advice at every step of the way.

All the best, Lee

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