extended bay track

by Jackie
(Bristol )

Custom made bay window curtain track

Custom made bay window curtain track

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Hi we have a bay window with stained glass top lights. We want the rack to be fitted under the stained glass and to extend past the window to allow curtains to be fully drawn back away from the window.

How long could your tracks extend beyond the side? Most of your photos show ceiling mounted tracks but I am assuming
that you can also mount across the window. I attach 2 photos to help you understand.

best wishes Jackie Milton

Hi Jackie

Thanks for getting in touch and yes is the simple answer to your question. I can make a track to fit to the timber frame below the leaded lights.

I can also extend the track as far as you need it to go past the windows on each side of the bay. This is usually between 25cm to 30cm.

The only thing to check is if the frame where you want to fix the track is level with the wall past the side windows. That is within a fraction. it does not have to be perfectly level.

The way to check this is to measure the depth of the window surround trim. Once on the window side. Then second from the wall side. Then let me have both sizes. Hopefully they are fairly close.

If not we could even out the difference with different size brackets on the window side. Then on the wall side to balance things up.

I have put a quick sketch here to show what I mean. Hope fully it makes sense. This a plan view looking down.

Maybe if you send me another couple of photos it would help. Maybe a full shot of the window if possible. Also measure the 3 sides of your bay. Measure on the sides where you want the track to extend to.

With the extra photos and addtional sizes I can work out how much it is likely to cost. Then you can decide if this is going to work for you.

You can send me the extra details and photos via the contact form here.

All the best


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