Discover how simple it can be fitting ceiling curtain tracks in a bay window

Discover how simple it can be fitting ceiling curtain tracks in a bay window. I get many people saying they are not confident about fitting to ceilings. Or they tell me they don't think their bay window ceiling is strong enough to support the weight of curtains.

My advice after fitting 1,000's of bay window tracks over 30 years. Is don't worry and almost always it's possible to do this job successfully.

I recomend you watch the video above. It should hopefully put your mind at rest. You will also get a good overview of how I go about dealing with projects like this. 

Links to the items mentioned in the video

Uno plug and screw

We suuplt these with your order.


These work well especially if you have an old lath and plaster ceiling.

plasterboard plugs

These work well in plasterboard on the odd occasion the red supplied plugs are not doing it.

3.5mm hss drill bits

These for the money are great for making pilot holes in almost any metal lintel.

What tools do I need when fitting ceiling curtain tracks in a bay window?

Very few surprisingly and I have listed the essential items just below. If you don't have everthing then ask family, friends or neighbours. Unless you plan on doing other projects. Then buying your own then makes sense. 


    1. Step ladders: For most windows you will need a pair of step ladders to reach the ceiling. Sometimes in bedroom bay windows you can reach the ceiling without needing steps.


2. Cordless drill: Cordless is ideal but a corded drill will work just as well. 

6mm masonry drill bit

3. Masonry Drill bit: I use these Erbauer 6mm drill bits from screwfix. Click the image here to see them. They are really good and cheap as chips😊 .

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