Fixing curtain track to a plaster board ceiling

by Mark
(Shrewsbury, Shropshire)

Hi Lee

I'm a little worried about fixing a curtain track to the ceiling in my bay as it is only plaster board. Will this be sufficient to hold the weight of my curtains.

My curtains are to the floor and lined. So have a bit of weight to them. What do you think? Also would you recommend any special fixings. Any advice would be welcome before I commit to a new bay track.



Hi Mark

Thanks your enquiry and yes it will be OK to fix this kind of track to your plasterboard ceiling.

We supply the bay track to you with the same plugs and screws I use every week to do this job. You will just need a 6mm drill bit to create the right size holes.

You will be very unlucky to not hit any joists. I usually hit one or two. Your return brackets will be into block or brick. So should be good fixings. Depending on the age of your house you may find the brackets on each end to the ceiling before the returns. May very well be fixed in to a metal lintel. If this is the case. I use Erbauer 3.5mm HSS metal cutting drill bit. This again creates the right size hole for the supplied screws. I buy these from Screwfix

It is the last couple of brackets on each end of your track that need to be fixed well. As this is where the bulk of the weight hangs when the curtains are open . the intermediate brackets carry a lot less weight.

I hope that helps you with this project.

All the best


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