How to Hang Curtains in a Bay Window: A Friendly and Easy Guide

Working out how to Hang curtains in a bay window might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! With some guidance and the right tools, you can do it yourself and achieve a professional look. In this article, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step and share some valuable tips. You can also watch how we fit our regular custom made bay window curtain track just below.

When most people ask the question "How am I going hang curtains in a bay window". What they really mean is "What am I going to hang the bay curtains from?" They know they need some kind of bay window curtain hardware or system.

The common problem over many years. Is that most people don't know what what kind of curtain hanrdware they should be looking for. They don't know what will work well and what won't. Not surprising as this kind of project is not something most people have to deal with very often if ever.

Trust is another big thing I have found. People just don't feel confident to accept what the sales assistant tells them in the local DIY store (not their fault as they have little to no experience). Or they aren't getting enough information/advice when they start researching bay window curtain tracks online. Lots of curtain hardware websites offer endless bay window track products. From the really cheap all the way up to the unbelievably expensive offerings. 

However, with very little if any product infromation. How the heck are you meant to know which one to choose?

 These website work on the principle of if we offer everything. Then the customer will choose something. However, what often happens is that people like you end up on my website looking for more help on choosing the right bay window curtain track. 

We only sell a few bay tracks that work really well. We know this as we have made and fitted 1,000's of them over many years. 

Even after more than 30 years in this business, Lee tells stories of customers challenging him (in mostly a nice way) with the advice he gives them. He gets that and understands where they are coming from.

So when Lee hears "But what if it doesn't fit properly?". Or "What if I measure incorrectly?"

Both are very good questions and things they worry about when getting involved in something they have never had to do before. The thing that works to calm most people's fears of things going wrong and losing money.

Is the written (Real No Quibble) Guarantee that if after following our guidance. The bay track doesn't fit for any reason. Lee promises he will remake it for you at no cost to you. Fortunately, Lee tells me this is a very rare problem.

We obviously will ask you questions and probably also ask for more photos. This is not that we don't believe you. It's so we can work out what went wrong and correct it on the second attempt.

Getting Started: Measuring and Choosing the Right
Bay Window Curtain Track

measuring for a ceiling fix bay track
measuring for a wall fix bay track

To start with the only size you will need is the total width of the new track. That is following around the bay where the track is going to fit. This doesn't need to be super accurate at this stage. Within a couple of cm's will be just fine. This is the size you will enter in the "Track size (total width around bay)" box on the order form/calculator."

Once you have this track measurement, it's time to choose the right bay window curtain track. Ezecurtains curtain tracks are suitable for all curtain heading styles except tab top and eyelet curtains. There are also helpful video guides to fitting all of these bay window curtain tracks, which you can refer to while following this article.

After placing your order you will receive an email with a link to the final measuring page for your bay shape. This is where following the template you will provide all the sizes we need for putting all the bends in the right place and at the right angle.

Don't worry about this stage because if you get stuck. Then simply just ask for help and we will guide you through. We also check over all the sizes. Then draw out your bay shape and cross-check it against your bay photo/s.

You are sending bay photos with your order...aren't you 😉

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Tips and Tricks for Fitting the
Bay Window Curtain Track

The question of how to hang curtains in a bay window. It all depends on exactly how you want them to hang!

Where you fit your new bay window curtain track will be determined by this. Either down to meet the sill (maybe just off). Or to hang in front of the sill (maybe down to the floor).

If your bay track is going to be ceiling mounted within the bay. Also, the curtains are hanging down to the sill. Then you will take all your sizes from across all the window frames and little side walls on each side of the bay. The track position would then be set 5cm forward of these sizes (unless you want it to be more). This would allow for a little space between the windows and the curtains.

If your bay track is going to be ceiling mounted within the bay. Also, the curtains are going to hang in front and past the window sill. Then you will be taking all your sizes across the front round edges of the window sills within the bay. You just ignore the window frames as they are not relevant.

Having said all this don't get stressed over it. As you will have a template of your bay shape to follow. We make it really easy. You will see where you need to measure to and from. then there will be a box on the form for that size to go into.

After you have sent us your final sizes using the form. A few days later your track will arrive bent to shape, and the ceiling brackets are already attached for your convenience. If your bay track is going to return out of the bay onto the walls on each side. The wall brackets will be supplied separately for the returns on the track.

We suggests having two pairs of step ladders and an extra person to help hold the track up while fitting. Small pencil marks on the ceiling at wide intervals on each side of the bay will act as aguide. These will indicate the distance from the window to the back of the track when fitted it will help you align the track accurately. When fixing the track, start with a couple of screws on each side, step back to check the position, and then complete the fitting. Don't worry if not every bracket hits timber; a few secure fixings are often enough for most curtains. The fitting videos explain this better.

All you are doing is getting the track up in place. Even if it's not completely secure for hanging curtains.

Another really important piece of advice is if your bay track has returns. Also, the return brackets are wall fix. Then you MUST fit the return wall brackets before you do anything else. These brackets will make sure you position your new bay track accurately within the bay.

Then if the bay track is going to be ceiling fixed within the bay. These pre fitted ceiling brackets will be fixed in place using the screws provided. This is after the bay track is clicked into the return wall brackets.

Fitting the Bay Window Curtain Track: Paul's Experience

A previous customer Paul shares his experience of fitting the regular bay window curtain track. With his wife's assistance, he found the process surprisingly easy and quick. The track provided an excellent fit, even without physically seeing the bay window. Paul was impressed with the smooth movement of his curtains and the sturdiness of the track.

The Benefits of a Professionally Made Curtain Track

Paul also discusses the benefits of opting for a professionally made curtain track. While the cost might be higher compared to DIY options, it's worth it in the long run. Professional making ensures a perfect fit and allows you to enjoy the curtains for years to come. Plus, Lee's expertise and online service make the whole process seamless.

You can follow the complete email exchange between Lee and Paul here.

Conclusion: How to Hang Curtains in a Bay Window

Discovering how to Hang curtains in a bay window doesn't have to be stressful or intimidating. With the right measurements, a suitable curtain track, and some expert advice, you can achieve a beautiful and functional window treatment. We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights and inspired you to try it yourself. If you have any questions or need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out to Lee, who's been fitting bay window curtain tracks for over 25 years. Happy curtain hanging!

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