How to Hang Curtains within a Bay Window:
Ensuring Privacy and Style

Bay windows are a great architectural feature that can add elegance and charm to any room. However, knowing how to hang curtains within a bay window can be a bit challenging, especially if you want to achieve both privacy and style.

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In this article, we'll guide you through the simple process of hanging long curtains in front of the window sill, using a track fixed to the ceiling within the bay. We'll also address potential gaps on the sides of the bay and share tips on how to minimize them effectively. So, let's get started and transform your bay window into a cozy and private haven!

Choosing the Right Curtain Track

The first step in hanging curtains in a bay window is selecting the appropriate curtain track. Since you want your curtains to hang in front of the window sill, a track fixed to the ceiling within the bay is ideal. All our bay tracks can be ordered with ceiling brackets for bay windows, they can be made curved or shaped to fit your bay shape perfectly, allowing the curtains to smoothly follow the shape of your bay.

Measuring your bay window

When it comes to measuring your windows. You only need the total width your new track needs to be. So simply use your tape measure to follow around your bay where you want your curtains to hang. This total track width size can be within a few cm's. This is the only size you need to place your order.

Then select how you track is going to fit in your bay. Such as to the ceiling. Or to the wall, or a combination of both. Just tick one of the options on the form. You can see the ordering process just below in this video.

how to order a bay track

After placing your order you will receive an order confirmation email. In this email at the bottom is a link to the final measuring page for your bay shape. These final sizes let us know the position and angle of your track bends. Don't worry about this part too much. As you have a simple template to follow. If you are still unsure then simply ask us.

We double check all your sizes, details and photos before we get started. If we have any queries we will get in touch with you asap. Just remember

The great thing about buying a bay window curtain track from us. Is that we support you with a track fitting video. This shows the easy step by step process to getting your new track fitted successfully. So anyone with basic DIY skills can fit these in very little time. Take a look at some of our bay window curtain track fitting videos below.


How to hang curtains within a bay window

Now comes the fun part—when it comes to how to hang curtains within a bay window! Begin by attaching the curtain hooks to the top of your curtains. Depending on the heading style on your curtains, you may need to use either the regular curly hooks if you have a gathered heading. Or Zinc metal pin hooks if your curtain heading have sewn in pinch pleats.

Next, hang the curtains onto the track by inserting the curtain hooks into the gliders on the track. starting from the middle of the window working out to the edges of the bay. Don't worry about how the curtains look. As you can dress them into neat pleats when you have them both hooked up in place.

Addressing Gaps on the Sides of the Bay Window

Gaps between the curtains and the corners of the bay window can compromise both privacy and aesthetics. To tackle this issue, additional screw eyes can be fitted to carry the outside ends of the curtains over the gaps. 

First, measure the width of the gaps on each side of the bay window. Install screw eyes at strategic points on the walls adjacent to the bay, making sure they're aligned with the gaps. then insert the last one or two hooks  through the screw eyes. This will allow you to wrap the curtains around the gap, effectively covering the gaps and providing enhanced privacy.