I need a rail to extend beyond current curtain support

by David

full view bay window

full view bay window

Hi Lee,

There is a wooden support for the curtain rail above the bay window, which allows the curtains to hang in front of the blinds. It is flush with the wall pillar next to the bay. I would like a rail to extend onto this wall pillar so that the curtains are fully drawn back from the window.

Can the rail be fixed onto the front of the wooden support as well as onto the adjoining wall?

Many thanks,


Hi David

Firstly what a fantastic bay window :-)

In answer to your question about fixing the track to front narrow edges of the board. Yes, you can as the 3mc brackets supplied will sit nicely on this edge. I have fitted them many times in this position. I supply a bracket for every 30cm of the track. This means the weight of your curtains will be evenly distributed. So each bracket does not have to carry too much weight.

The only thing I recommend when fitting to the leading edge of the top boards. Is to pilot a hole using a 3mm drill bit. This will help to reduce the wood splitting when driving in the screws.

From your photos, it looks like the leading edge of the top board is in line with the pillar wall. If this is the case then using the same 3cm brackets on the pillar would work well.

I would supply 50mm screws and plugs for the wall fixings. All you would need is a 6mm masonry drill bit to create the right size holes. I would also supply 30mm screws for the brackets fixing to the wooden top board. These screws and plugs are the ones I use myself.

When it comes to measuring up your bay. You would treat it as a 5 sided bay window. So on the bay track calculator, you would select this bay shape from the drop-down menu.

All you would need size-wise to place an order would be the total length of the track. so effectively the total width of all 5 sides added together including the wall pillars.

After placing the order you will receive an order confirmation email straight away. In this email will be a link to the 5 sided measuring page on my website. This has a measuring template showing all the other sizes I will need. This lets me know where all the bends need to be and what the angles are.

I hope this answers your questions but if you need any more help then please just ask. You can get hold of me using the Contact Form just here.

All the best


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