I would like to fit a strong track to 3 bay window - for v heavy curtains.

Hi Lee,
Your tracks look great - nice and sturdy, neat & tidy.
Would like to fit track above window and beneath coving - but only 3.5 cm clearance here.
Do not really want to raise track any higher and fit to ceiling - since curtains I already have will be too short.
Would appreciate your advice.

Do you think this is enough room for the track & fixings?

Also - not sure whether to bring the track around the corner from the final window.

I enclose photos below.

Many thanks,


Hi Michelle

After having a look at your photos, I would say the brackets would be best screwed directly to the wood trim over the top of your blinds. This will be the most secure point. Then have a wall fixed bracket on each end.

If you are keeping the blinds on your windows. Then you would by the look of it, need to select the 5cm or 6cm wall fix brackets. This should bring your curtains out over the blinds.

If you are not keeping your blinds up. Then 3cm or 4cm brackets will do the job nicely.

All the wall fix brackets will fit in a space of about 3cm. So should be fine over your window. If the 3.5cm space is the wall space between the coving and the top of the window trim surround. Then I would not attempt to fit your track in this space.

As I said before the wooden window trim is the best place to fix to.

You may even want to bring the track out further on to the return walls on each side of the bay. This would allow your curtains to open further off the windows at the bay sides.

When it comes to working out how much it will cost to get a bay track made to fit your bay shape. Select the "5 sided bay with returns 6 bends" from the drop down menu "Bending service".

If you decide you dont want the curtains to come out of the bay. Then choose the "Ceiling within the bay" option. This is just before you choose your bay shape.

I know it can be a bit confusing to start with but don't panic. If you have any further questions, then please just ask.

all the best


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